Massey Ferguson is proud to announce that, after the success of the recent launch of the MF 6S and MF 7S Series, it is now introducing the new flagship 210hp, MF 7S.210, which further increases choice in this hard-working tractor sector.

With its 210hp, 6.6 litre AGCO Power engine, 2.88m wheelbase and standard Dyna-VT transmission, the MF 7S.210 provides the perfect bridge to the 205hp, 3.05m wheelbase and 7.4 litre engine-powered MF 8S.205.

“Massey Ferguson strives to provide customers with exactly the right size, power and specifications to suit their requirements,” says Thierry Lhotte, Vice President & Managing Director Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

“Now, in the 200hp bracket, we offer the choice of the compact, but powerful MF 7S.210 or the larger frame, heavy-duty MF 8S Series. At the same time a choice of Efficient or Exclusive specifications help users to tailor the tractor to their specific needs,” he adds.

The new MF 7S.210 offers the perfect power to weight ratio for the sector, delivering high performance, manoeuvrability and efficiency with a low compaction for fieldwork. At the same time the strongly engineered tractor’s excellent, 14t Gross Vehicle Weight and 44.5t Gross Combination Weight are ideally suited to carrying heavy loads and for transport operations.

In common with the MF 7S Series, the MF 7S.210 is designed for discerning professional operators, delivering the same high levels of strength, agility, automation and performance. Inheriting many features from the Tractor of the Year award-winning MF 8S Series, it also comes with new levels of comfort, control and convenience.

New MF 7S.210 comes in at the top of MF 7S Series


MF 7S Specifications NEW
Model MF 7S.155 MF 7S.165 MF 7S.180 MF 7S.190 MF 7S.210
Engine Six-cylinder, 6.6-litre AGCO Power
Max power 155hp 165hp 180hp 190hp 210hp
Max. EPM power 175hp 185hp 210hp 220hp 220hp
Max. torque @ 1,500rpm 700Nm 725Nm 750Nm 850Nm 860Nm
Max Torque @ 1,500rpm with EPM 750Nm 800Nm 860Nm 925Nm 925Nm
Transmission Dyna-6 Super Eco NA
Specification Essential, Efficient, Exclusive, Panoramic Efficient or Exclusive
  • New 210hp MF 7S Series flagship – the MF 7S.210 is equipped with Dyna-VT as standard, with a choice of Efficient or Exclusive specification
  • Responsive, clean 6.6 litre, six cylinder engine delivers a maximum power of 210hp and 860Nm of torque in all applications, with an extra 10hp boost for certain operations
  • Standard Dyna-VT Super ECO transmission for smoother operation and greater economy
  • New ergonomic armrest for convenient control
  • Armrest-mounted Multipad offers single lever, comprehensive control
  • Modern, cool and quiet cab provides high levels of comfort with new technology coming from the award-winning MF 8S Series
  • Easy and logical to use Datatronic 5 terminal with new brighter and clearer touch-screen
  • Long, 2.88m wheelbase and robust chassis combine strength and stability with optimum manoeuvrability from 4.93m turning radius
  • Ability to handle and haul heavy loads with high capacity 9,600kg rear and 4,000kg front linkage
  • Smart, practical neo-retro design provides style with substance.

Power to get the job done

The 6.6 litre, six-cylinder engine delivers maximum power of 210hp and maximum torque of 860Nm for all applications. Engine Power Management (EPM) automatically boosts output up to 220hp and torque to 925Nm (at 1,500 engine rpm) for transport, pto work and to meet high hydraulic demands – when it’s most needed.

Top transmission is standard

Massey Ferguson’s renowned Dyna-VT ECO, continuously variable transmission is standard on the MF 7S.210. Providing seamless speed shifts, it combines excellent control with economy – achieving 40km/hr at just 1,450rpm.

A new Automatic Mode delivers smoother operation and greater economy. This automatically sets the optimum engine rpm according the load and speed, with straightforward operation by the foot pedal or Multipad lever.

Quiet, comfortable and cool cab

MF 7S.210 operators benefit from significant cab improvements, first introduced on the Tractor Of The Year award-winning MF 8S tractors, which include a new armrest, Multipad controller and enhanced connectivity.

Thanks to a new air conditioning system the cab is now up to 4°C cooler than before. Operators also benefit from a new, more comfortable, standard air-suspended seat. A heated seat option, with improved ventilation, is equipped with DDS – Dynamic Damping System with lateral stability suspension that responds automatically to the severity of the bumps.

All controls are easy to reach, arranged in a convenient and logical layout, with the new Multipad providing simple, comprehensive control along with a keypad for less-frequently used functions.

Outside, its modern LED light design, along with the bonnet lightbar, produce a bright signature, with the option to fit up to 16 LED worklights. For loader operations there is also the option to fit the useful Visio Roof, which provides a great view of load through the whole lift range.

Further improving comfort is the suspended front axle, plus mechanical cab suspension on Efficient models and an active mechanical system for Exclusive versions.

Clear touch-screen operation

Operators will appreciate the latest upgrades to the Datatronic 5, terminal, which has a much brighter and clearer 9” touch-screen display to reduce glare. Higher definition colours and a black background; new shortcuts on the homepage also make it easy to use.

Connectivity increases precision

Datatronic 5 not only manages all the tractor functions, but also with ISOBUS connectivity and GPS signal, it runs the MF Technologies’ Precision Farming suite. These include MF Guide, with its fast set-up ‘Go-Mode’ as well as MF Section Control, which now operates up to 96 sections to increase precision, reduce overlaps and precisely target inputs with variable rate applications using MF Rate Control.

Data gathered and recorded automatically on MF TaskDoc is transferred via USB memory card. The MF Task Doc Pro option, allows you to wirelessly synchronise  application plans with farm management software.

A new Datatronic 5 option enables the radio, mobile phone and media to be operated through the screen, with inputs via Bluetooth, USB or Aux lead. This alerts operators to incoming calls and, as in a car, connects to and operates other devices.

Like MF 7S Series tractors, the MF 7S.210 can be fully connected with MF Connect telemetry, including a five-year subscription as standard. This useful real-time monitoring system delivers valuable data on fuel usage, machine location and error code monitoring.

A new Geofencing function improves logistics management and security by sending alerts to smart phones and devices if and when machines exit or enter pre-defined areas.

Strong, stable and manoeuvrable

With its 2.88m wheelbase and strong, sculpted chassis, the MF 7S.210 combines stability with manoeuvrability – offering a turning radius of just 4.93m.

Perfectly balanced, it also offers an excellent power to weight ratio and an impressive 44.5t Gross Combination Weight. Three-point linkage lift capacities of 9,600kg on the rear and 4,000kg up front, a 14t Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and 210hp maximum power makes it ideally suited to operating output boosting front- and rear combinations.

The long wheelbase also helps increase traction and stability that is further enhanced by specifying up to 42” diameter rear tyres, which also help reduce the ground pressure. For heavy duty work there is a wide range of ballast options, which are easily removed to take advantage of the tractor’s agility for top work and transport.

Style with substance

An eye-catching new neo-retro design, pays respect to Massey Ferguson’s heritage with modern styling. This continues the new family style, launched on the MF 8S, featuring a new interpretation of the iconic MF grey sabre stripe along the side and horse collar motif that dates back to the MF 100 Series.

The slim narrow ‘wasp waisted’ bonnet, improves visibility, while cutaways work with the sculpted chassis to allow the wheels to turn tightly for optimum manoeuvrability.