2018 is the year that Kverneland’s auto reset system celebrates 50 years of innovation. And the simple but highly effective mechanical leaf spring protection system continues to be a proven performer for trouble-free ploughing in stony conditions.

Auto reset uses a block of leaf springs to hold the anchor assembly that carries left and right-hand bodies, tight against the plough beam. This allows each mouldboard to operate independently when in the ground.

There are five leaves in the standard auto reset system, seven in the heavy-duty version and nine on XHD models. The versatility of the system can often see ‘helper’ springs fitted to the front furrow to suit hard ground conditions.

To work properly, the leaf spring assembly only needs to be correctly tensioned. A long Kv spanner supplied with the plough features two notches, 70cm apart. These notches align with the leaf spring’s retaining pins – this gives an instant reference for the optimum spring tension.

Kverneland’s auto reset is a low-maintenance break-back system. Once the system trips, spring tension releases, which immediately lowers the pressure on the plough point, frame and associated parts. And this is another feature that helps Kverneland ploughs to last longer.

The success of the Kverneland auto reset system on ploughs has also seen the mechanism introduced on Kverneland cultivators.