The new LION 1002 C series power harrow with a working width of 6.0 metres sees Pöttinger expand its range of folding power harrows. Designed for tractors up to 500 hp, these models are equipped for the toughest jobs, day in and day out. The new LION is available from November 2021.

During the development of the new power harrow, special attention has been paid to current and future requirements in terms of durability and strength. A strongly dimensioned tine carrier and a high-capacity central gearbox ensure that high driveline torques are transmitted efficiently. Combined with folding coulter rails, this machine is an extremely effective and flexible implement.

Compact design

The integration of the folding frame has made the machine more compact and optimised weight distribution. The result is an extremely short and compact power harrow that is up to 30 cm shorter than any of its competitors. The centre of gravity is now closer to the rear axle and the weight acting on the front axle is noticeably more positive. The 1002 C folds to an outer width of 3.0 metres so that transport on the road is no problem.

The solution for the toughest conditions

The new power harrow is the answer to today’s standard tractor power outputs of up to 500 hp. A newly developed PTO with 2-speed gearbox enables a wide speed range. The 1002 C series is designed for PTO speeds between 750 and 1300 rpm. This ensures that the tractor always runs within its optimum performance range. Reliability is enhanced as a result. A high-capacity gearbox housing provides the necessary cooling.

The rotor speeds vary between 320 and 420 rpm. This ensures perfect working results while reducing fuel consumption. Thanks to its strongly dimensioned external gearbox, the power harrow is approved for tractor outputs of up to 500 hp. A cam-type clutch on each frame section protects the machine against overload up to 2,200 Nm.

Easy machine adjustment

No tools are required to adjust the machine. This is done from the side of the machine – an intuitive indicator scale acts as a guide. All you need to do is pull out a lynch pin and adjust the control rod to set the working depth as required. This system allows the working depth to be adjusted at intervals of approx. 1 cm. Fully hydraulic working depth adjustment is also available as an option. Thanks to the parallel linkage, the levelling board is adjusted automatically when the working depth is changed.

Convenient levelling board linkage

An impressive and much appreciated advantage is offered by the levelling board, which is automatically height adjusted by the rear roller. This is completely independent of working depth setting. The levelling board is guided at a consistent pre-defined distance above the soil without changing its distance from the tines or its pre-set height. This patented solution delivers the most level and uniform tilth structure for the seedbed, even in varying soil conditions.

Choice of rollers for every type of soil

Seedbed preparation is concluded by one of a wide range of rear rollers. Two tooth packer rollers and two prism packer rollers as well as one pack ring roller are available. On the tooth packer rollers and prism packer rollers there are two different diameters to chose from.

Combined with a Pöttinger AEROSEM FDD seed drill, this machine becomes a high output and cost effective combination delivering perfect sowing results. Featuring easy attachment to the tractor, this is the perfect solution for farmers with high specifications, for today and into the future.