A scalable series to rise to the challenges of tomorrow Pichon has launched its SV series, the first series of standardised products for organic liquid fertiliser spreading. Introduced by the SV16, this tank series comprises a number of pre-fittings designed to be scalable and capable of solving future challenges.

The machine’s pre-configuration, including through the sales configurator, offers a cost-effective and reliable product, faster orders and improved and reduced delivery times.

With a view to eliminate the use of spreading implements with the most emissions by 2025, such as vane nozzles, the SV series design can adapt to various spreading equipment thanks to its pre-configuration, including drip hose booms, trailing shoe booms and tine incorporators. It aims to utilise the best delivery methods for organic products.

New to this series is an integrated chassis, compatible with undercarriage and tandem running gear, as well as an axle centre distance over 1m80, allowing an optimised GVW of 28 tonnes, 4 tonnes more than the market. These features make this tank one of the most competitive in its field.

A series featuring our new “iControl 7S” steering system

This series also has a new “iControl 7S” steering system. Entirely developed by our engineers, this tactile tool with an ergonomic and user-friendly 7-inch control touchscreen manages spreading settings and provides reliable operation. In addition, combining a manual joystick and a monitor makes all tool handling operations more straightforward.

The iControl 7S allows the user to completely optimise their work thanks to automated filling, transport and spreading cycles. With real-time feedback on the screen, the data collected will enable cycle monitoring and tracking.

Pichon has chosen a new, internally developed and controlled electronic architecture (calculator and wiring looms) to manage and track maintenance.

A new harmonised unloading pipe for increased performance

In an effort to constantly improve, we take great care to develop our material. The new unloading pipe, available as a 0200 inner/upper pipe, notably features a standardised stone trap to collect foreign materials during the spreading cycle.

Additional options are available on the circuit to improve discharge flow and control doses according to organic matter, including a hydraulic turbo feeder and flow meter combined with a flow regulation system.

The new components on the hydraulic distribution box provide simultaneous running of several engines (turbo feeder and tool macerators), ensuring transverse distribution during spreading, even on uneven parcels.

Servicing and spare parts

Pichon applies its manufacturing expertise to offer end clients an efficient after-sales service through our network of distributors. Particular attention is given to this new series to assist our network, with a new dedicated “MyParts” site to view all technical documentation for the product (user manuals, spare parts, etc.).