The new Fliegl heavy-duty dump body TMK 266 S PROFI

Heavy-duty dump bodies are characterised by a stable rounded body made of high-strength steel and were designed to transport heavy quantities of bulk goods. The disadvantage of these dump bodies is the low overall height of the side walls, so that they are hardly suitable for transporting harvested crops due to the lower volume. In contrast, the common dump bodies are ideal for transporting light products, but less so for use in the construction and municipal sector. A body that combines the good properties of a dump truck for field work and the positive features of heavy-duty bodies from the construction sector would therefore be ideal. It is precisely this all-round vehicle that Fliegl created with the new TMK 266 S PROFI.

In order to be able to combine these requirements in one vehicle, Fliegl relies on extremely high-quality material and a large loading capacity at the same time. The halfpipe body is made of the fine-grain steel S700MC, which promises a high strength potential with simultaneous weight savings. The body is built on a tandem axle chassis with a painted frame and has a permissible total weight of a maximum of 22,000 kg. A hydraulically sprung towing device ensures improved driving comfort and convenient adjustment of the trailer height depending on the requirements of the towing vehicle. With the optional body side extension of 500 mm, the volume of the trailer is increased by approx. 8 m3 to approx. 33.0 m3.

The ability to manoeuvre easily is particularly important in the transport of heavy goods and you can elegantly get around every corner with the optional forced steering. The possibility of forced steering increases driving safety considerably as the body runs smoothly behind the tractor and can be easily controlled at any time, even when there are sudden changes of direction or cornering. Also to be emphasised is the better slope stability, which plays a major role, for example in gravel pits with a greasy surface soil on slight hills. The Gigant Plus JUMBO axle unit which is installed as standard provides a high level of stability and a significant increase in driving comfort. In this chassis, springs are installed underneath the axles which ideally dampen vibrations and ensure that the vehicle has a low centre of gravity.