The Kverneland machinery range is set to grow with a full range of mounted and trailed sprayers being rolled out through the dealer network.

Choices include tractor-mounted iXter A and iXter B models with the option of additional capacity from an 1,100-litre iXtra front tank, plus an extensive line-up of iXtrack trailed models comprising T3, T4 and T6 versions.

Across the sprayer ranges, buyers can choose from a host of technologies to suit their budgets and requirements, including individual nozzle control, auto section control, iXclean tank washing programs plus prime and purge functionality, and boom line recirculation.

The iXtrack T3, T4 and T6 trailed models offer tank capacities from 2,600-litres to 7,400 litres, with a range of steel and aluminium booms extending from 18-40m. These include twin-fold aluminium HAS and steel HSS structures from 24-30m, with wider options met using a three-part folding steel boom from 32-40m.

Boom performance comes from a suspended parallelogram rear frame, and working height is managed by a choice of Boom Guide ultrasonic ride height control systems. The pinnacle is Boom Guide Pro Active which uses three levelling sensors on the central boom section allowing faster reaction to changes in ground terrain, via a central slope correction cylinder.

Wider booms, typically on 24/36m formats, can now be equipped with five ultrasonic sensors, which operates with two outer sensors at the wider working width, and one outer sensor when operating at 24m. All iXtrack models are fully ISOBUS compatible.

Kverneland’s iXspray hardware and software provides the very latest in application technology, and operators can take advantage of intuitive touchscreens with smart electronics to manage individual nozzle control or boom sections, boom line recirculation, and one-touch boom, spray line and tank cleaning processes.

IsoMatch Grip adds further control, with up to 44 fully customisable functions available from a single joystick, while ErgoDrive headland management allows boom raise/lower and axle steering to be managed by a single button press on the joystick.

Nozzle control includes pneumatic or electric operation, suiting those using GPS for automatic section control and auto start/stop at headlands. Individual nozzle control is available with iXflow E, which also offers remote App control of nozzles when outside the cab, to simplify pattern testing and checking nozzle flow.

Tractor-mounted iXter A models offer tank capacities from 800-1,200 litres, with a range of booms spanning 12-21m, while the more sophisticated iXter B is available with 1,000-1,800 litre tank capacities, and booms ranging from 15-30m.

A semi-automatic or fully-automatic liquid management system available with the iXtra front tank provides a fully-mounted combination boasting 3,000 litres.

Typical price for a popular-build Kverneland mounted model is £21,593 for a 12m, 1,000-litre iXter A, while a trailed, 24m, 3,200-litre iXtrack T3 model is priced from £65,026.