Agricultural technology provider AS Communications has been in the business for 33 years, continually providing solutions to make land-based businesses more efficient here in the UK. This has been achieved through automated steering, communications, implement control and more recently software. AS Communications are proud to have been awarded the distribution of AgXeed autonomous vehicles from winter 2022-2023, further enhancing their solution-based offering and delivering cutting edge solutions to the UK.

To deliver this exciting range of products AgXeed will be distributed through a dedicated team operating under the ASC Autonomy brand. AgXeed technology is more than a machine: it is a new way of farming, and partners like ASC Autonomy can guide and support customers through the change management process associated with running this equipment.

AS Communications recognise AgXeed as a strong contender in the autonomy space, having seen the machine at work at various shows and at the factory in the Netherlands there is no doubt it has a place with both new and existing customers. Larger implements have been used to compensate for the labour shortages we have seen in the UK, this has put larger machines on the ground resulting in increased pressure on soils, quite literally. By employing autonomy there is much more scope to operate equipment for longer so the same ground can be covered with smaller implements, taking care of our soils. AgXeed is able to pull existing implement configurations in a lot of cases, making it much easier to implement into existing systems.

“Our existing customers are utilising a lot of the technology already associated with autonomy, having the field and A-B line infrastructure in place for their manned vehicles is very similar to that required for the autonomous machines, but more important” says Andrew Williams of AS Communications / ASC Autonomy. “We see a lot more customers looking to utilise software in their recording and analysis of field operations, the AgXeed has some powerful tools in this area, and it is a natural next step for us as a business.”

Joris Hiddema, CEO of AgXeed commented: “With AS Communications we have found an excellent partner for the sales and service of our technology in the UK. Autonomy is the next logical step in the development of modern professional agriculture, and it becomes more and more critical with each week and month, as we are living through multiple resource crises. AgXeed enables an integrated approach to all processes on the farm: planning, crop production and distribution. Our machines are the most visible part of our product offering, but the data portal, which collects data and delivers actionable insights, is instrumental to the total value we deliver. Together with AS Communications we see ourselves in a position to address the challenges in this sector and provide the farmer with real autonomy and allow him to manage his business sustainably and more profitably.”