Kuhn will exhibit its new Aurock triple disc seed drill, which has the capability to establish crops under cover, in minimum tillage or direct drilling conditions, for the first time in the UK at Cereals 2019.

Targeting the growing conservation agriculture sector, but with the versatility for wider applications, the Aurock is launched in a six-metre format and will be available from the summer of 2019. With either single or dual metering options, it offers great versatility such as dual cropping or sowing one row in two with independently managed sowing depths.

The Aurock is available with single and dual metering units. The single metering unit version (Aurock R) has a 3,500 litre capacity hopper and the double metering unit version (Aurock RC) has a 5,000 litre capacity split hopper. It is designed for a low horsepower requirement, needing a modest 180hp to operate.

The drill’s ability to work in varying field conditions starts at the front with two rows of opening discs. There is the option of 460mm diameter corrugated discs, for working in prepared soil or soil mixing, or a 430mm diameter embossed disc for cutting residues efficiently and minimising soil ejection.

Seed placement is carried out by the double-disc seeding unit mounted on a parallelogram for optimum delivery accuracy and perfect ground following. Alignment with the opening discs is maintained by a central pivot point between the coulter bar and the chassis. This ensures that seeds drop accurately into the furrow, whether the drill is operating on a slope or around a bend. The opener discs and seeding unit assembly form the triple disc that has underpinned Kuhn’s success in drill manufacture for forty years.

Dual metering

Choosing the Aurock 6000 RC dual metering option adds numerous possibilities, including dual cropping or alternate row drilling with independent management of seeding depth. These options are increasingly relevant for farmers seeking more innovative cropping solutions, whether for pest control or improving soil health.

The modular design of the Aurock allows the option of an integrated cutter roller with adjustable pressure to enable efficient operation in all cover types. The transport wheels are positioned between the opening disc and the coulter bar. The machine can also be equipped with a whole-width wheel train for seeding within a minimum tillage cropping system. The offset press wheels prevent soil from building up at the front and amplify the versatility beyond direct seeding. They allow the passage of plant residues and reduce pull power requirement. Their large diameter of 900mm reduces rolling resistance.

The Aurock seed drill is an ISOBUS compatible machine, available with CCI 1200 or CCI 50 terminals (ISOBUS certified by the AEF). For comfort, a joystick is also available as optional equipment. Regardless of the selected control terminal, the operator has a user-friendly and intuitive interface developed specially by KUHN. A simple press of a button at the headland allows successive lifting of the front tools, then the stop of the metering unit(s), ensuring perfect seeding to the edge of the field. This ensures no seed remains on the surface, overcoming a common problem of direct seeding.


Available in 6 to 12 row versions and capable of drilling crops with row spacings from 37.5 to 80cm, the new MAXIMA 3 range comprises 12 models in a choice of configurations including telescopic, trailed, foldable and telescopic with adjustable spacing.

The new MAXIMA 3 drills use an improved seed selection and ejection system which enables accurate seed placement at working speeds of up to 10km/h.  Accuracy is also enhanced by a new seeding unit parallelogram which is reinforced in key areas, including at critical hinges and linkages, for added stability, robustness and longevity.

A new coulter pressure system, capable of producing up to 180kg of downward pressure, also enhances seeding accuracy by ensuring consistent depth control.

The MAXIMA 3 range also boasts an electrically driven seed metering system which allows application rates to be adjusted manually on the move or in accordance with a pre-prescribed seeding map.  The electrically operated system also enables GPS or manually controlled row shut-off.

Each seeding unit’s settings (depth, ground pressure, furrow closing, etc.) can be adjusted easily and quickly by hand and without the need for any specialist tools.  This not only makes setting the machine up more efficient, but also makes maintenance tasks less time consuming.

A wide choice of optional equipment, including angle-adjustable V-MAX rear closing wheels which provide a furrow closing pressure of up to 45kg, fertiliser hoppers, front, rear and intermediate press wheels, clod cleaners and trash wipers, is also available.


Kuhn Farm Machinery has recently added four new models to its range of OCEANIS trailed crop sprayers: the OCEANIS 5002, 5602, 6902 and 7702 machines have tank capacities of 5,000, 5,600, 6,900 and 7,700 litres respectively and are available with compact, all-aluminium booms in widths of 24 to 48 metres. The OCEANIS 7702 will be on display at Cereals 2019.

The new sprayers are fully ISOBUS compatible, enabling them to be controlled from a single in-cab terminal such as Kuhn’s CCI 1200 console. A separate ISOCLICK control box which places the key sprayer controls (section control, boom height and angle) within fingertip reach can also be used. The new sprayers are also CANBUS compatible and can be operated via Kuhn’s VISIOREB or REB3 controllers.

Each new model is available with Kuhn’s MULTISPRAY system which uses electric nozzle holders to enable in-cab nozzle selection, automatic nozzle selection to suit the forward working speed and to maximise the accuracy of variable rate applications, plus individual nozzle control to reduce overlapping.

Kuhn’s e-SET cleaning system automates the tank rinsing sequence, making the OCEANIS 2 extremely safe and efficient to use, while a new Closed Transfer System (CTS) chemical induction bowl – the EASYFLOW system – further enhances operator safety by enabling chemicals to be added and chemical containers to be cleaned without the risk of the operator coming into contact with any harmful substances.

Kuhn’s self-levelling boom system – BOOM ASSIST TOTAL PRO – keeps the spray boom in the optimum position and height irrespective of field and crop conditions, thereby increasing spraying precision and reducing spray drift.  This system is equipped with a ‘HYBRID mode’ which uses three sensors to distinguish between crop canopy and ground level, thereby improving spraying accuracy in high density crops such as oilseed rape or potatoes, or where the crop has lodged.

All four new OCEANIS models are fitted with easy-rinse polyester tanks with internal baffles for improved machine stability.  Drawbar, axle, parallelogram and boom suspension systems provide additional stability and boom security when spraying and during transportation.