Kuhn UK will be launching a radar-equipped, automatic spread pattern control system for its Axis 50.2 twin-disc fertiliser spreader.

The AXMAT Plus concept, which was awarded a gold medal at Agritechnica in 2013, is now being officially launched in the UK.  This novel fertiliser spread pattern controller is equipped with 54 radar sensors (27 on each spreading disc) which are arranged in a horseshoe shaped layout underneath the twin spreading discs of the Axis H 50.2 EMC+W fertiliser spreader.

This innovative use of radar technology actively scans the spreading pattern of fertiliser as it exits the spreading discs and uses intelligent software to analyse and optimise the spreading pattern in real time.  If the spread pattern deviates from the ideal configuration, the AXMAT Plus system automatically instructs the spreader’s fast-activating SpeedServo actuators to adjust the fertiliser drop point on the left and right spreading discs every four seconds, thereby ensuring each granule or prill of fertiliser is applied as accurately as possible.

“The AXMAT Plus system radically improves the application accuracy of fertiliser, and enables the Axis 50.2’s spreading pattern to be fine-tuned to compensate for varying environmental conditions and fertiliser quality and consistency,” explains Paul Gregory, Kuhn’s area sales manager for the Eastern Counties.

“By continuously monitoring the spread pattern and controlling the left and right spreading discs independently, the AXMAT Plus makes it possible to apply a wide range of fertilisers more precisely across the spreader’s full working width.  This enables improved spreading precision and reduces fertiliser wastage as well as minimising the risk of fertiliser entering watercourses.  It also enables accurate spreading to be achieved without the need for the spreading pattern to be tested manually.”