Case IH Axial-Flow combine harvesters and headers will feature a number of updates from next year, including a new 8.5 metre header, specifically designed for Controlled Traffic Farming. Other features include a new crop lifter design for grain headers, and a new LED lighting package for combines.

 The new 8.5 metre Varicut header has been launched to cater for traffic-controlled operations, based on an 8-metre system. It will use the frame of the existing 7.5 metre header, extended to 8.5 metres to save weight, with an actual cutting width of 8.5 metres, to ensure a true and repeatable 8m cut for an 8m controlled traffic system. The working width will be 8.53 metres (28’) and offer all the same features and benefits as the other Varicut models.

The mid-year 2020 grain headers will also feature a new crop lifter, which has been designed to reduce losses by utilising a higher lifting profile to better lift lodged crop up to the cutter bar. To help improve wear resistance, the new crop lifters will also feature a wave formed skid.

Meanwhile, the Axial-Flow combines will offer a new LED light package, including LED row finder lights for safer harvesting at night.

Combines manufactured from February 2020 will meet Stage V Emission Regulation for the EU region. There will be new model numbering for the mid-range combine series with the ‘140 series’ combine range changing to the ‘150 series’, to reflect the move to Stage V Engines. The 7150 model will also feature increased engine power, moving from a rated boost power of 402hp to 413hp, with a peak power of 453hp compared to its current power of 442hp.