Mobile app developer RNF has launched a brand new tyre pressure calculator for Bridgestone Europe aimed at the farming community. 

Bridgestone saw an opportunity to save time and deliver efficiencies for their customers by developing a digital solution to help farmers calculate the correct tyre pressure for their vehicles. RNF built the first of its kind Tyre Pressure Calculator which was originally launched in 2012 for the Bridgestone and Firestone brands.  

Having the correct tyre pressure helps reduce soil compaction, creates less wear and tear on tyres and increases fuel economy. 

The original ground-breaking app enabled farmers to enter all the data into a calculator and get the correct tyre pressure at the touch of a button. The app was downloaded over 110,000 times in 170 countries across the two brands. 

Six years later, Bridgestone wanted to develop a host of new features for their global brands. Technological advances in app development meant it was better to build the app from scratch. 

The old app was built using technology which is intensive to maintain. Since 2015 RNF has been using a framework called React Native which means they can quickly and efficiently build cross-platform apps. 

Rob Mannion, RNF managing director, said: “The new app, which is available for both brands, has all the original functionality but also allows users the flexibility to “share” pressure data, for example, by email or as a printed hard copy.

“It also links up with RNF’s bespoke mobile customer engagement platform BEAM which enables Bridgestone to communicate with farmers in a personalised and relevant way.”

Stefan Denayer, AG new product marketing lead at Bridgestone Europe, said: “RNF helped us launch an industry-first back in 2012 and we’ve gone on to develop numerous other apps with them. Because of how they’re constantly innovating with technology, we’ve been able to launch a brand new cutting-edge app.”