Bridgestone is reaping the rewards of a hugely successful tractor tour during September, where hundreds of farmers came together to learn about vital tyre savings and up to £2,000 was donated to local Young Farmers’ Clubs.

Bridgestone has embarked on its first nationwide tractor tour, involving two John Deere tractors stopping off at 10 different locations in Scotland and England to bring its new VX TRACTOR product to farmers to appreciate in person.

A series of comparisons were made with their upper premium rival products to underline Bridgestone’s superior tread depth and lug volume, which provides greater traction and durability, respectively.

During the pit stop, Bridgestone also donated £200 to the young farmers’ club, to help keep the future generation of farming on the right track.

Tyre dealer Rob Hastie, of C&R Tyres, said: “The VX TRACTOR is the best tyre that we have seen in a long time. It means such a lot to the farming community for Bridgestone to come out and visit us, explain the benefits of the tyre and the ways in which they can save money and increase productivity.

“There is more to agricultural tyres than meets the eye. While they are all black and round, there is a great deal of technology that goes into each tyre, particularly the VX TRACTOR, which offers outstanding durability for carrying extremely heavy loads – even at higher inflation pressures.”

Bridgestone’s sales manager Stephen Lamb said: “This has been a really good opportunity to meet farmers and bring our products to them. Feedback has been really encouraging, as we have been able to communicate how good our tyres are out in the field – and on the road.”

The VX TRACTOR has been comprehensively designed and tested to work hard in both the field and on the road, even under heavy payloads. It is constructed from robust casings with extra-deep and extra-long lugs, ensuring outstanding traction and extremely long wear life. This means that farmers can go further and get more done, time and time again.  Developed for tractors of 100bhp and above, the VX-TRACTOR is available in 38 and 42-inch rear sizes as well as 24 to 34-inch front wheel sizes.

Stephen added: “The VX TRACTOR is such a top performing product that we were pleased to be able to bring it to the eyes of as many farmers as possible, courtesy of this specially created road run.

“We have focused on increasing wear life, especially on the road, and have made the lug on the VX-Tractor longer and wider, with up to 20 per cent more lug volume than many competitor products.

“A six-layer tread belt also helps to protect against damage and potential punctures and the surface area of the sidewall has also been reduced and reinforced, further diminishing the tyre’s vulnerability to puncture.”