Bridgestone’s journey into the very-high flexion tyre market hasn’t so much taken a major step forward but more a massive turn in the right direction, after being approved for selected John Deere 7R & 8R Series tractors within the UK and Ireland. 

Eight sizes are now available from 30inches to 42inches rims as factory fit in another breakthrough for Bridgestone.

The VT-TRACTOR is a European engineered tyre to meet the needs of the modern farmer, with superior traction from these high HP Tractors and, at the same time, where low ground pressures for field operations are essential.

Bridgestone North Region’s Agricultural Product Manager Keld Andersen said: “We are delighted to be further partnering with John Deere, a prestigious, leading tractor company which is synonymous with premium quality and performance across the industry.

“The VT-TRACTOR tyre has proved itself on the 6R Series Tractors from the Mannheim factory in Germany over a number of years now, and this is a natural progression within the UK and Ireland markets. The VF (Gen3) specification tyre really allows the farmers to tread as lightly as possible upon their soil, while the greater footprint from this type of technology also maximises the traction output from these larger horse-powered tractors.

“This VF tyre has an operating pressure range of 8 – 23psi. We see many applications running at sub 14psi. Therefore, it fully supports soil health and productivity practices, of the modern farm business.”

With its “very high flexion” (VF) construction and advanced tread design, the Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tyre, compared to standard tyres, can operate at lower inflation pressures, with larger footprints, helping farmers to harvest greater yields, work faster, carry heavier loads and consume less fuel – all while protecting the soil.

The tyres comes with a full 10-year warranty, again reinforcing the reliability and confidence of the product.