Irish-based machinery brand, Keenan, has been certified by the Carbon Trust as a more sustainable diet feeder, proven to reduce methane emissions on-farm. As a company, Keenan has long been synonymous with engineering cutting-edge diet feeders, which produce a unique homogeneous mix that optimizes rumen health and ensures consistent animal performance.

“In light of the government’s announcement regarding The Climate Action Plan, which aims to push Ireland to reach its 2030 targets, and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Keenan are delighted to offer farmers a tangible means of reducing their carbon footprint on-farm, while enhancing production and profitability”, said Matt Higgins, General Manager, Keenan.

The Carbon Trust has verified that reduced methane output linked to enhanced rumen performance (per liter milk and daily liveweight gain in beef animals) can come as a result of improved feed conversion efficiency (FCE) in livestock. Having investigated the output from the Keenan diet feeder and reviewing data from the Keenan controller, the Carbon Trust has established that the Keenan machine can increase rumen efficiency by delivering feed that is more easily digestible for cattle, meaning less energy is required and produced by each animal.

The unique engineering features and mixing action of a Keenan diet feeder make it synonymous with mix quality. Mix quality is the sum of many parts, including chop type and length as well as fiber type, presentation and most importantly, consistency. Optimised diet formulation relies heavily on the physical mix that is delivered to the animals; this mix needs to be delivered consistently every day in order for farms to achieve their production goals while enhancing the efficient use of their feed.

“The animal food supply chain is faced with growing pressures to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions. As concern for our planet’s finite resources escalates, we have a responsibility to be proactive in sourcing solutions and partnerships that can relieve environmental strain and prioritize sustainability on-farm,” said Higgins.

The Carbon Trust report cited that improving herd performance through improved FCE is expected to reduce methane production. Keenan estimates this can lead to as much as 25 percent less methane when a below average herd receives rations from the Keenan diet feeder and the Keenan Controller.

“The Carbon Trust accreditation is a powerful endorsement, which enables us to further help farmers reduce their on-farm carbon footprint, while increasing their profitability,” said Higgins.

Keenan has been a member of the Alltech family of companies since April 2016. Alltech has always been deeply rooted in their sustainability efforts and continue to strengthen their commitment to the animal, environment and consumer, with their Planet of Plenty initiative.

“With the adoption of new technologies and management practices, and, most of all, human ingenuity, we believe a Planet of Plenty is possible,” said Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Our Planet of Plenty vision propels our founding ACE principle into a new world of possibility, where anyone and everyone can make a positive impact on our shared planet.”