Efficient, productive harvests maximise a farm’s profit potential. Case IH knows that the right machine can streamline decision-making, preserve grain quality and increase productivity. With the introduction of the Axial-Flow 160 series and the first view of the Axial-Flow 260 series at Agritechnica 2023, the company is adding to its reputation of reliability with easy-to-use, high-tech harvesters focused on simple, consistent and high-quality harvests to deliver on the needs of a modern farmer.

“For today’s farming operations, an efficient harvest and the latest technology go hand-in-hand,” says Global Product Leader for Combines, Bill Weber, Case IH. “The models within the Axial-Flow 160 and 260 combine series will maximise efficiencies and ROI through automated processes, increased throughput, improved grain handling capabilities and industry-leading capacity. They are easy to use, reliable and productive.”

Axial-Flow 260 Series Combines

Growers looking to purchase a combine with over 500 hp, will find larger, high-resolution displays and automated efficiency with the Axial-Flow 260 series. The dual Pro1200 displays, allows for industry-leading Harvest Command™ technology for intuitive and effortless automation, as well as new advanced guidance and mapping capabilities. Plus, Pro1200 adds effortless connectivity to other, Pro700 enabled machines within the same field.

In addition to precision and fleet management technology, the 260 series allows growers to cover more hectares in less time with industry-leading Axial-Flow rotor and self-levelling cleaning technology. These features are designed to increase throughput, improve grain handling, and simplify maintenance for a more productive harvest. The 260 delivers exclusive Power-Plus CVT rotor reversing capabilities, allowing operators to clear blockages without leaving the cab. Agritechnica serves as a preview of the Axial-Flow 260 series, which will come to the market with a limited release in for 2024. 

Axial-Flow 160 Series Combines

The introduction of the 160 series combines to the Axial-Flow line up signals the addition of Harvest Command automation to combines with over 400 hp. Harvest Command makes automated adjustments as field conditions change and reduces the number of decisions farmers must make, ensuring consistency no matter who is in the cab. Now small to mid-sized growers don’t have to choose between the right sized combine and the tech.The Axial-Flow 160 series comes with the simplicity operators have come to expect from the Axial-Flow combine line, but with some additional benefits. The higher-capacity grain tank, holding up to 12,500 litres (available only on the AF 7160), combined with the fuel efficiency keeps an operator moving during harvest. And while that grain is being harvested, the in-cab adjustments and grain-on-grain threshing design maintains quality of the crop throughout the fields.

Enhanced protection with Safeguard Connect

The Axial-Flow 160 and 260 series combine models automatically include Safeguard Connect, a comprehensive package of the best Case IH added-value services. The services provide long-term protection and maximises productivity to meet the requirements of modern, farm businesses. Depending on the market, Safeguard Connect can include up to an extended three-year Safeguard warranty and a five-year subscription to AFS Connect, Case IH’s advanced telematics portal. AFS Connect enables remote monitoring and management of the farm, the fleet and the data. Safeguard Connect also includes a three-year subscription to Case IH MaxService, premium access to around the clock dealer service during peak season. MaxService works in partnership with the dealer network to maximise machine uptime and is provided with pre-season checks, as well as proactive support and training to achieve the maximum performance from Case IH machines.

“At Case IH, we’re very purposeful in bringing new technologies to the market,” explained Weber. “With these new series of combines, we’re focusing on making growers more efficient, more productive and more profitable. We’re providing streamlined, optimised processes and the throughput capacity and reliability they have come to expect.”