The Maxxum 115-150 tractors, the mainstay of the Case IH tractor range suiting the widest breadth of buyers across the company’s customer base, has been subject to a number of updates and refinements, with changes to areas ranging from the operator environment to transmission operation. 

The six-cylinder Maxxum 150 at the top of the range – all other models are four-cylinder tractors – has gained five horsepower in unboosted rated power to produce 150hp, meaning it moves 5hp ahead in power when compared to the next model in the line, the four-cylinder Maxxum 145. All other changes, though, apply to the entire range, with changes to the new Maxxum models focused on fit and finish, reliability and customer features that are targeted towards enhancing driver comfort and productivity. 

New specification packages 

Maxxum models are now available with three specification packages. Maxxum and Maxxum Multicontroller tractors can be ordered with the Selection package, a set of commonly-sold options covering most customer needs, while Maxxum, Maxxum Multicontroller and Maxxum CVXDrive tractors can be also had with the Advanced pack, a set of technology features which professional customers will appreciate for daily operations. Lastly, Maxxum Multicontroller and Maxxum CVXDrive models can be specified with the Professional package, providing access to the latest technology features to unlock the full potential of the tractor. 

Meanwhile, the Maxxum range has been improved in the areas of presentation, experience, build quality perception, ergonomics and visibility, in order to provide an even better working tool for both owner, and an even better experience for the operator. 

Externally, there is a redesigned cab entrance with Magnum-style steps. Once seated, operators will find a raft of small but significant changes to make their daily lives easier, including a phone mount, USB power ports and a tablet mount. Ahead, a new wiper arrangement covers 60% more of the 

screen more area, while the driving experience can be enhanced by premium leather steering wheel and new advanced joystick options. 

In the cab, these tractors inherit many features from their larger cousins to improve the operator experience. These include premium-quality, automotive-type cab trim, improved visibility, enhanced ergonomics and a new cooled storage compartment – essential for long working days. 

Transmission upgrade 

On Maxxum CVXDrive models, transmission operation has been enhanced to introduce additional ‘clever’ CVT operating features. In response to customer research, driving characteristics have been improved to maximise shuttle and acceleration/deceleration response, while drive pedal sensitivity has been refined, sensitivity and position detection of the Multicontroller enhanced, and cruise control pedal override incorporated. 

Externally, Maxxum models now benefit from better top link stowage ergonomics and hydraulic connections, making life easier when coupling and disconnecting implements. There are also new LED marker lights, plus a new air-line connection for inflation and cleaning. 

The new tractors are available from spring 2022.