Global farm equipment manufacturer Case IH used SIMA 2019 to host the first-ever public demonstration of its new cloud-based MyCaseIH platform, which will provide customers with a single point of contact with all elements of the Case IH brand. Currently in the final stages of development, MyCaseIH and AFS Connect will be launched later this year.  

Case IH also highlighted its new AFS Connect telematics portal, which works in conjunction with MyCaseIH and includes three main elements, fleet management, field management and data management. The AFS Connect Mobile app, which focuses on providing farmers and contractors with fleet management information, will be available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.  

Maxime Rocaboy, product marketing manager, Precision Farming Solutions AFS for Case IH – EMEA, said: “MyCaseIH is a unique development which will provide customers with single-point sign-in to their account. We have invested a great deal of time and effort in developing the new interface, which requires only a minimum number of clicks to access the maximum amount of information. It is fast, easy and intuitive to use, incorporates clear graphics and uses different colours to quickly and accurately identify different tasks. 

“In common with many other cloud-based data storage accounts, once logged in to MyCaseIH users will be able to see an overview of their business and seamlessly access all the functionality within it by clicking on the Fleet Management, Farm Management and Data Management icons. A key point is that all equipment and agronomic data is stored securely in cloud-based servers, is ‘owned’ by the customer and can be accessed, managed, shared or removed by them at any time.  

“MyCaseIH offers customers a central reference point of support materials, with all the tools and information needed to manage their fleet and contact information easily, quickly and accurately. It also provides seamless direct access to the Case IH website and Help Centre together with an extensive range of information resources relevant to the equipment which they have registered, including operator manuals, brochures, parts catalogues, technical publications, specifications, product videos and maintenance records. 

“MyCaseIH will also be the primary access point for the new Case IH AFS Connect™ telematics portal, an entire ecosystem encompassing machines, telematics, data-sharing and apps. AFS Connect is accessed through the user-friendly Case IH AFS operating system and enables customers to have information on their entire operation at their fingertips, wherever they are. It also features real-time access to their Case IH equipment on any device, with information such as location, fuel and engine statistics displayed on the “Vehicle Details’ screen, enabling them to manage their time and business much more efficiently.  

“AFS Connect provides technology/information-driven farmers and agricultural contractors with a visualization of their fleet and agronomic data together with the capability to seamlessly transfer data to trusted partners. The system assists with day-to-day management of their business and data by providing coverage maps, machine locations and notifications, together with agronomic data and data permissions, plus the ability to share data with third-party advisors. 

“AFS Connect also assists Case IH dealers to deliver a first-class, proactive service and operate more efficiently by connecting them directly to their customers, with information on farm and fleet, together with critical machine-related functions such as alarms and notifications.  

“Using the AFS Connect Mobile app customers will be able to view a ‘live’ map which provides an overview of the status and locations of all their registered vehicles relative to the user’s location. This map features icons which indicate vehicle type and status, including engine data and fuel level, buttons to center on the user’s or fleet’s location, a legend indicating status colours, and clustering of nearby vehicles. A link with Google Maps enables the user to drive directly to any machine from their current location, while the App allows their location to be shared with other devices through WhatsApp or text message. 

“Ultimately, MyCaseIH will provide owners of Case IH products with a central place to interact and transact with the brand to support their operations, while the AFS Connect telematics portal will offer a central location in which to map, manage and analyse fleet, field, agronomic and machine data.”