Since it was first presented in 1995, the LEXION series from CLAAS has been the benchmark in terms of performance, efficiency and versatility. With the launch of the latest LEXION series with APS SYNFLOW WALKER and APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing mechanism in the summer of 2019, CLAAS once again has set pioneering standards. Now the four LEXION series are being expanded and tailored to top performance once again with new equipment and performance features.

New LEXION 8600 as entry into the top league

From model year 2023 two new models, the LEXION 8600 and LEXION 8600 TERRA TRAC, will be added to the CLAAS European hybrid combine harvester product range. With a drum width of 1,700 mm and powered by a highly efficient MAN D26 six-cylinder Stage V engine with a displacement of 12.4 l and an engine output of 549 hp, the new LEXION 8600 is positioned directly above the LEXION 7700, which has a drum width of 1,420 mm. Thanks to DYNAMIC POWER, as with the other LEXION models, the engine output is automatically adapted to the operating conditions, thus saving up to 10 percent fuel in the partial load range, for example when swathing. Already successfully introduced in North America in 2019, the LEXION 8600 has proved itself in internal performance comparisons, including under European conditions in the 2021 and 2022 harvests, showing not only excellent throughput thanks to the wide threshing mechanism and powerful cleaning, but also unrivalled efficiency in its class. The grain tank volume is 12,500 l on the LEXION 8600 and 13,500 l on the LEXION 8600 TERRA TRAC.

More engine power for LEXION 8800 and 8700

At the same time, the LEXION 8800 and 8700 models are also getting more engine power. The LEXION 8700 gains 41 hp to 626 hp, while power output for the LEXION 8800 has been increased by 47 hp to 700 hp. In addition, the 16.2 l MAN D42 six-cylinder from the 8900 will now also power the LEXION 8800. The increase in output and optimised torque curves mean that a greater power reserve is available, which keep the engine speed constant, particularly under difficult harvesting conditions.

Larger cab with rotating seat

The new cab generation introduced with the TRION in 2021 can also be found on all LEXION combine harvesters from the coming season. The generous space around both the head and foot area, as well as the optional leather seat, which can be rotated by 30 degrees on both sides, are particularly noteworthy for the optimal seating position at all times. Footrests are fitted for various relaxed sitting positions. The wider command centre offers a premium view of the header and the surrounding area thanks to larger front and side windows, thinner A-pillars and a split mirror design. The 360 ​​degree wiper ensures a wide field of vision ahead in wet and dusty harvesting conditions. The 12-inch CEBIS terminal with a high-resolution, high-contrast HD display guarantees excellent readability under all lighting conditions and offers three individually adjustable main display areas. The optional CEMOS DIALOG and CEMOS AUTOMATIC are also fully integrated here. It is operated by touch and the rotary/push control. In addition, all threshing and cleaning settings can be accessed quickly using direct access buttons on the right-hand side of the operating armrest. The CEBIS terminal and armrest can be individually adapted to the driver independently of one another. Thanks to the CMOTION multifunction lever, the driver always has the most important functions under control and can save up to seven individual settings. A 30 l cool box and a 360-degree LED light package are optionally available, as is a multimedia package with subwoofer and gooseneck microphone.

When equipped with GPS PILOT for automated steering, the new CEMIS 1200 terminal is positioned on the right-hand side of the cab. In addition to purely automated steering, this enables online order management and documentation. Thanks to the CEBIS operating logic, drivers can immediately find their way around the functions and settings.

Another comfort highlight is DYNAMIC STEERING, which has been available for years in CLAAS ARION and AXION tractors, in addition to the JAGUAR forage harvester. Available as an option, it reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel by 40 percent when the steering wheel is fully locked, and makes it easier for the driver to cross back into the next run up the field while turning on the headland.

From next year, all LEXION reversers will have a “slow retraction” function. After the reversing process, the direction of rotation of the reversing motor can be easily reversed at the push of a button, so that the crop is transferred slowly and more evenly to the threshing mechanism. This allows peak loads to be avoided after reversing.

More grain tank volume and optional swivel spout for all models

From model year 2023, the LEXION 8800 can be optionally fitted with a 18,000 l grain tank, which was previously exclusively available on the LEXION 8900 flagship, while a 15,000 l grain tank is also now available for the LEXION 8700.

In order to control the transfer process even more precisely, both the 330 and 420 mm diameter grain tank unloading augers can be fitted with a pivoting spout to allow precise control of the grain stream in a range of up to 60 cm. It is operated via the favourites management on the CMOTION multifunction control lever. The pivoting spout is equipped with an integrated cap that prevents grains from trickling out.

Three new CEMOS functionalities

For model year 2023, CLAAS is expanding the CEMOS environment with additional functionalities. A new dialog-based loss measurement in CEMOS DIALOG enables the loss sensors to be calibrated more precisely. CEMOS DIALOG guides the driver step by step through the entire calibration process so that measurement and input errors are prevented.

CEMOS AUTO HEADER is a further innovation for LEXION and TRION that automatically optimises the table length, reel height and horizontal position of the reel based on the crop height measured by the FIELD SCANNER installed in the cab roof. In addition, a sensor records the layer thickness of the crop flow in the feeder housing. The driver can therefore fully concentrate on checking all machine data and quality parameters in CEBIS and on the crop in front of the combine harvester, as well as on the transfer process when unloading while driving. The FIELD SCANNER has an additional cleaning function for extreme operating conditions, so that reliable optical detection of the crop is always guaranteed both for automated steering by detecting the crop edges and for CEMOS AUTO HEADER.

Two new MONTANA models with chassis slope compensation

As a supplement to the previous LEXION product range and six TRION MONTANA models, from 2023 the LEXION 5500 straw-walker and 7700 hybrid models will be available with MONTANA chassis slope compensation. Starting at 258 hp in the five-walker segment up to 549 hp in the mid-range hybrid class, CLAAS can now offer farmers and contractors an unrivalled choice of eight MONTANA machines for use on steeper slopes. Lateral slope compensation of up to 18 degrees and longitudinal inclinations of up to 6 degrees can be achieved via the hydraulic adjustment of the chassis. POWER TRAC all-wheel drive, electrically selectable differential lock for the front axle and AUTO SLOPE cleaning increase forward speed and optimise cleaning performance with automated adjustment to slopes and inclines.

All innovations at a glance:

  • LEXION 8600 and 8600 TERRA TRAC complement the product range in Europe.
  • More engine power and an optimised torque map for LEXION 8700 and 8800. The LEXION 8800 now comes with the MAN D42 with a displacement of 16.2 l from the flagship LEXION 8900.
  • MONTANA versions of the LEXION 5500 and 7700 with chassis slope compensation also available for 2023.
  • Optimised 18,000 l grain tank and more grain tank volume for LEXION 8700.
  • Pivoting spout for more precise unloading, especially at high unloading rates (up to 180 l/s).
  • New cab with generous space, optimised visibility and optional swivelling driver’s seat.
  • New GPS PILOT with CEMIS 1200 terminal for automated steering and online documentation. Simple operation thanks to CEBIS operating logic.
  • Optional CEMOS AUTO HEADER for automatic adjustment of the VARIO cutterbar while driving.