Claydon will exhibit the latest version of its popular, well-proven Hybrid T trailed drill on Stand 600 in Hall 6 at LAMMA 2024 (NEC Birmingham, 17 – 18 January 2024).   

“The model on display will be a 6m Claydon Hybrid T6 equipped with split placement of fertiliser on the front and seeding tines, a 5500-litre hopper divided 60:40 between seed and fertiliser, standard 175mm (7″) A-shares, front row metal boards, stone protection, light and vision kit, seed blockage sensors and air brakes,” said David Furber, Sales Manager – UK and Ireland. “This particularly drill will subsequently be used as part of the demonstration campaign which we will be running in conjunction with our dealers throughout the UK during 2024.”

The British company which developed Opti-Till®, Claydon is now European market leader in direct seeding technology. It will highlight how this technique enables farmers to transition from slow, expensive, energy-intensive traditional methods of crop establishment to a faster, highly efficient and sustainable approach which perfectly fits in with the current trend towards more regenerative agricultural practices.

Versatile, flexible, simple and robust, Claydon seed drills will establish any crop that can be sown in any type of soil, typically in just half the time required for a min-till system and one-fifth that for a plough-based approach. Accurate, dependable, fast, efficient and very cost-effective, they eliminate unnecessary cultivations and provide large fuel savings, yet can handle autumn or spring sowing, cope with wet or dry conditions and apply fertiliser at the time of drilling if required.

Claydon Hybrid T drills allow farmers to seed directly into stubble or, following consolidation, they can also be used to establish crops in min-tilled/ploughed land. Available in working widths of 3m, 4m, 4.8m, 6m and 8m, they are available with a wide variety of front and rear toolbar configurations, seeding shares and lower-disturbance options to deal with any drilling scenario.

At the heart of every Claydon drill is the two-tine technology which Suffolk arable farmer Jeff Claydon developed in 2002 and has continued to perfect. A major benefit is its ability to cope with extremes of weather which are becoming increasingly frequent.

Providing exceptional versatility in all climatic conditions, soil types and crops, it moves soil only in the growing zone to create a perfect environment for seed to develop. Long-life tungsten carbide leading tines remove compaction, aerate the soil, and create drainage in the rooting zone, while the seeding tines deposit seeds in the surface tilth. Zonal cultivation means that the previous rooting and soil structure remains largely intact, allowing worms to thrive, soil biota levels to improve and following machinery to operate without risk of compaction.

Claydon is a progressive family-owned company located in Suffolk. Designed and manufactured in its modern, fast-expanding factory, its range of Opti-Till® products are now used by farming businesses, including those in the dairy sector, in over thirty countries across four continents.