A new umbilical pump trailer offers contractors and farmers the potential to save time and money by only requiring one tractor and one operator.

Designed and manufactured by Tramspread, the Suffolk based slurry specialists, the pump trailer is used by its contracting division to reduce manpower and cover the highest acreage using just one tractor. Laurence Baker from Tramspread explains: “We used this trailer to spread 300,000 cubic metres of slurry and digestate in 2019. It has proven easy to use and reliable, so we have started producing trailers to order. Technology offers time and money- saving options to farmers and we believe that this trailer will be a valuable tool to contractors like us in the future.”

Unique to the design is an SIL remote control that Mr Baker and his team have helped to design. This, combined with pressure sensors and a flowmeter, allows the entire umbilical system to be accurately operated and monitored by just one man. Fitted with Tramspread’s Raven Box mapping and recording technology, the unit can also report the areas treated and the quantity of slurry utilised. “The combination of knowing the speed of flow and being able to control it remotely is key to the time and equipment savings this trailer offers. The unit also keeps a record of the slurry utilised so operators can measure how effective each application is and improve distribution in the future,” says Mr Baker.

The contractor pump trailer is powered by a 175 horsepower Iveco engine coupled to a Bauer SX2000 pump which is capable of pumping up to 300 cubic metres per hour depending on distance and hose diameter. The long drawbar enables an applicator, such as a dribble bar, to be carried on the tractor’s rear three-point linkage while towing the trailer.

Up to 2,000 metres of drag hose is carried on two galvanised detachable spools located at the front of the trailer, while a further 1,000 metres is carried on the tractors front 3-point linkage via a powerful twin hydraulic drive reeler, giving a total system capacity of 3,000 metres. Over the twin sprung high-speed axles there is a large 900 litre fuel tank. Mounted over the fuel tank is a compressor which is also remote controlled and a suction hose loading area with two large toolboxes.