Field and farm management app fieldmargin has added new features to help users comply with assurance schemes and regulatory requirements. 

Records can now be annotated with weather, the start and finish times for each task, and the operator or team member who carried it out.

“There’s more to farm records than simply keeping track of progress, or analysing performance,” said Head of Product Camilla Hayselden-Ashby. 

“Farm assurance and new regulations, be they legal obligations or environmental requirements, also rely on good record-keeping. Assessors and watchdogs expect farmers to have quick and easy access to this type of information,” Camilla pointed out.

The new features, now available on fieldmargin’s web, iOS and Android apps allow users to record wind speed, direction, temperature and other weather factors for each field task completed. Start and finish times for each operation can also be added, while the app will also record which user was responsible for the completion of each task.

Data can be uploaded retrospectively, said Camilla. “We’ve all been there – you’re in such a rush to get something done before the weather changes that any delay – even the couple of minutes it takes to open the app and record the information there and then – feels like too much.”

Camilla said the new data features comply with farm assurance requirements for schemes from the likes of Global GAP, Red Tractor, Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Grower, and various supermarket protocols and marketing initiatives.

“fieldmargin has always been about streamlining farm record-keeping, bringing together vital information into one, single location. New features are always based on what our farmer user-base say they want.

“We hope this new update will not only help with the overall objective – allowing users to make better, more informed farming decisions – but also the practical demands of preparing for assurance or regulatory inspections and farm audits.”