Electric Wheels unveiled the latest addition to their range of all-electric farm vehicles at Groundswell. The Pickman is a compact all-electric pick-up reminiscent of a farm cult classic, the Suzuki Jimny. 

The Pickman comes fully equipped with LED lighting, reversing camera, power steering, a USB charger, a roof rack with lights and an infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity. Its dual 7.5kW and 3kW motors deliver four-wheel drive, with a top speed of 40mph and a range of up to 70 miles from one charge. For farmers looking for a load-carrying vehicle, The Pickman can transport up to 500kg on its bed, with a similar towing capacity, and a four-door model is available.

Farmers could test drive the full range of vehicles Electric Wheels’ on stand and The Pickman garnered lots of attention from passing visitors. From rolling out electric fencing to a quiet alternative to a noisy diesel machine for farm transport, those who drove the vehicle could easily see the opportunities for The Pickman on their farms.

“We are delighted to add The Pickman to our range,” says Electric Wheels’ managing director, Chris Hurdle. “It is a unique vehicle that has attracted significant attention from our customers at Groundswell. We have four machines available to demo this summer as part of our test market for The Pickman, and we expect to have a full launch for the vehicle in spring 2024.”

The anticipated retail price for The Pickman will be £20 – £22K +VAT, depending on model specification. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Electric Wheels through their website to book a demonstration or hire of the vehicle.