Kubota (UK) Ltd has developed an electronic rear lift control (ELC) system for the M5 series tractor range spanning 90-115hp.

The ELC option can be retro-fitted to existing M5001 tractors through the Kubota dealer network. It gives operators the choice of retaining the tractor’s standard lever controlled rear lift, or choosing to upgrade to a push-button system with added operator convenience.

“This is a great innovation for the M5001 tractor series, for those operators seeking extra sophistication with linkage mounted equipment,” explains M-series tractor product manager Henry Myatt. “Simple to control and comfortable to use, ELC adds greater convenience to M5001 models.”

Installation sees the original levers replaced by electronic controls, which avoids the need to modify or trim any of the cab interior or panels.

ELC uses a rocker switch for raise/lower the rear three-point linkage. A rotary controller lets the operator choose the depth control, while three additional dials are used to control a mix of draft/position; rate of drop; and set a maximum lift height limit.

In addition, a linkage lock/release button is also included, with an LED light to confirm the lock is active.

As part of the ELC kit, external controls are integrated into the nearside rear wing, allowing the operator to safely control the linkage from alongside the rear wheel when attaching or removing implements.

Kubota’s M5001 electronic rear lift control option is priced at £1,643.88 for existing owners looking to upgrade through the Kubota dealer network with the dealer-installed retro-fit kit.