FendtONE, the new all-in-one operating system, incorporates planning, implementation and management tasks. For the first time, Fendt merges everyday work on the field with planning and admin tasks usually associated with the office. FendtONE promises added value for family-run holdings to large farms and contractors. In its development, customer benefits and user-friendliness were paramount.

FendtONE comprises FendtONE onboard – the FendtONE services on the machine – and FendtONE offboard – the FendtONE services available at home or on the move. Onboard, digital products such as Fendt Task Doc (formerly VarioDoc Pro) are run on the machine. Offboard planning and management takes place on the PC or mobile device. Existing and new digital solutions are mutually compatible. FendtONE helps the whole team use their time more efficiently and productively.

Work organisation and documentation made easy with Fendt Task Doc

With Fendt Task Doc, FendtONE makes it easy to convert to automated and digital documentation. Fendt Task Doc includes the functions to create, manage, perform and document jobs. Offboard, job orders are created in just a few clicks from home or on the move and sent directly to the machine. Onboard, the driver is informed about the assignment, the machines and fields and can get straight to work. There’s no need for lengthy phone conversations or reporting logs and working hours are accurately recorded.

The job is then completed on the machine and documented onboard with Fendt Task Doc. Once the work is done, the driver can send the job report straight to the manager over the mobile network. The job report is stored offboard in the system and can be exported in pdf format if required. Teams no longer need to physically note down their reports – all the relevant job data is stored centrally in the system.

The requirements for documenting fertiliser use and plant protection applications are becoming more and more extensive. The job report contains key information on each run-out, including the worked field area and output volumes. Because it is automated, this job report makes it much easier to comply with legal documentation rules.

Professional work with personally selected, open interfaces

FendtONE has an interface to the independent data exchange platform, agrirouter. This interface exchanges data with different operating systems and machines, as long as they are also connected to the agrirouter. This gives the farmer more choice when it comes to systems and machines.

The agrirouter does not store data and users themselves choose which data is shared with other systems, meaning they always retain full control over their data. The entire process meets the strict regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FendtONE onboard is already available on the Fendt 300 and 700 Vario, and will be available to order on the Fendt 200 Vario from October 2020. FendtONE offboard will be available in the UK, Germany and France from February 2021.