Claas will have a total of five new additions from their extensive green harvest, tractor and material handling ranges on display and working at this year’s Grassland UK event.

New 775hp Jaguar

The Jaguar forage harvester always attracts a large crowd when working at grassland demonstrations and visitors to this year’s event will be able to see the latest 775hp Jaguar 970 (Type 498) with the new pick up 300 header being put through its paces.

New features on the Jaguar 970 and the more powerful top-of-the-range Jaguar 980 include a continuously variable drive. This uses a combination of a mechanical and hydraulic drive to provide high power transmission at a constant speed, so providing a more powerful and consistent drive to attachments such as the Direct Disc or maize headers.

An additional option is a continuously variable front attachment drive that automatically adjusts the front attachment speed relative to the chop length, for a more even crop flow and improved chop quality.

Other new features include a hydraulic clamping system for the shearbar, resulting in reduced wear and improved chop quality, improvements to the sharpening system and automatic concave adjustment so that the distance between the concave and blades remains constant as the blades wear.

Fuel consumption has also been reduced thanks to a new running gear that allows the Jaguar to now travel at 40kph at just 1300rpm. A new ground drive system produced more hydraulic power and there is also automatic engine speed reduction at the headland.

Changes to the pick up 300 header include Active Contour for more accurate ground contour following.

First working display of Torion

On display for the first time in Ireland will be the new Torion 1812 wheel loader, which will be showing off its capabilities in the clamp. Powered by a 195hp Leibherr 4-cylinder engine, the Torion 1812 has a tipping load capacity of 11 tonnes and an operating weight of 18.7 tonnes.

A particular feature of the Torion is its massive torque of 1215Nm, which comes in at just 1100rpm, which is far higher than any competing machine and ensures it has no shortage of pushing power. Drive is through a split-power CVT CMATIC transmission, again another first for a machine of this type.

Another unique feature is the Torion’s extremely low running cost. In addition to its minimal fuel consumption and high productivity, the engine only needs servicing every 2,000 hours, and the transmission checked at 3,000 and serviced at 6,000 hours, far longer than with any other competing machine.

New Volto 55 tedder

The new 4-rotor Volto 55 replaces the Volto 52 and includes innovations such as the Permalink drive and the Max Spread crop flow concept, previously only available on larger models in the range. It has a working width of 5.2m making it ideal for use in combination with 2.1m or 3.0m wide Disco mowers on small to medium sized farms.

Unlike conventional straight tines, with Max Spread the tines are angled by 29 degrees. This has the benefit that more crop is collected as each arm has a longer sweep. Once collected, the crop flows between the rotors in a straight line, so reducing crop damage. This also creates a greater space for the crop to flow through, so helping increase throughput, but results in a wider and more even spread pattern, ensuring fewer lumps and more even drying.

Overall, the spreading arms work for 65% longer and the increase in pick-up rate and flow through the tedder results in higher throughput and increased forward speed. This also allows the Volto 55 to be run at a reduced engine speed, so saving fuel.

The drive system on the Volto 55 uses the well-proven and patented Claas Permalink finger clutch at the pivot points, which is maintenance free but allows the arms to be folded by up to 180 degrees, so ensuring a compact transport width.

Each of the four 1.50m diameter rotors on the Volto 55 is fitted with heavy duty 10.5mm tines and for different crop conditions the spreading angle can be adjusted by between 12 and 16degrees without needing tools.

Latest Arion and Axion tractors

The latest additions to the Axion and Arion ranges include the new Touch Screen CEBIS terminal and the addition of a new CIS+ specification.

The new Touch Screen CEBIS terminal makes it extremely easy and simple to enter, set and change settings, using the clearly arranged user interface. With CIS+, electronic spool valves and the CMATIC CVT transmission are now available without needing the full CEBIS specification.

Other new features include a more powerful addition to the Axion range, the 445hp Axion 960. As with the rest of the Axion range, this is powered by the latest FPT Cursor 9 engine with a variable geometry turbo. A benefit of this is that 70% of maximum torque is now available even when idling and the engine develops 18% more torque at a lower engine speed. Engine speed when idling is also now cut to just 650rpm.

The Arion 600 and 500 range also benefits from two new models at either end of the range – the 125hp ARION 510 and the 185hp Arion 660 which has a power boost to 205hp for transport and PTO work.

Again the engine idling speed on Arion 600 models has been reduced to 650rpm and all AArion’s feature an updated Hexashift transmission with cruise control. Another new feature on all Arion’s is the Claas developed Proactiv front axle suspension, which has only four grease points, compared to 19 previously. New options also include Smart Stop, whereby the transmission is automatically disengaged when the brake pedal is pressed, and dynamic steering, which enables the number of times the steering needs to be turned to achieve the same lock, making it ideal for jobs such as loader work.