Remote access specialist Solar Gate Systems has introduced a new locking mechanism to work with its range of automatic, solar-powered gate openers.

Called the Goliath lock, this electrically-actuated latching mechanism packs 2,000 lbs of clamping force, to resist breaking and entering from those looking to force entry through an automatic gate.

Considered to be the ultimate deterrent to safe-guard remote gate locations, the Goliath only needs electrical power to unlock – any severing of power cables will see the Goliath lock fail ‘closed’, unlike its magnetic counterparts that fail ‘open’.

“Goliath is a simple, but effective mechanism that snaps shut and ensures gates are kept closed, until the command to open the gate automatically triggers its release,” explains Mike Yeats, MD of Oxfordshire-based Solar Gate Systems. “If there is a power failure, the gate stays securely closed until the owner inserts a master key to manually release the lock, and enable the gate to be opened.”

Goliath is installed to the gate, not the striker post, which simplifies electrification of the lock and avoids having to bury cables below ground. It takes its energy supply from the solar-powered gate opener, and the power cable can either be secured to a solid gate, or passed through the inside of a tubular gate structure. The latching mechanism also offers 75mm of tolerance, to account for any unwanted movement in the hanging post, ensuring repeatable accuracy each time the gate is closed.

“When installed as part of our Solar Gate System, the Goliath lock is seamless in operation, and offers no inconvenience or extra waiting time, during gate activation,” says Mr Yeats. “When the remote fob button is pressed to open the gate, the Goliath lock receives its power a split-second before the gate actuator starts to move.”

“Additionally, the Goliath lock’s fixings are neatly concealed when the gate is shut, to resist tampering or breaking and entering.”

The firm has over five years of installing proven solar-powered gate systems to many farm drives and remote property entrances around the UK, and is viewed as a useful deterrent against rural crime.

“By comparison, a chain with padlock is very easy to defeat, and it also involves a lot of hassle to fit and remove each time gate access is required,” he says. “The Goliath lock takes away that inconvenience.”