An innovative tyre for compact tractors and suitable for any job on the farm has been released to the UK and European agricultural market.

Goodyear Farm Tires has taken the wraps off its R14T, a hybrid of agriculture, turf and industrial tread patterns.

The R14 is designed to provide maximum performance in all conditions and will be available in 17 different sizes with radial and bias options.

Lindsay Hart, Goodyear Farm Tires European Sales Director, said: “Since we re-introduced Goodyear Farm Tires into Europe last year, we have constantly been seeking to evolve our product range and this is a significant development.

“The R14 is a versatile, crossover tyre for multi-application tractors which delivers outstanding performance, whatever the conditions.

“It’s a unique product because we are combining features from tyres used in agriculture, turf and industrial.

“The hybrid ensures the R14 will stand up to the most rigorous test, saving farmers both time and money.

“Combining the three different designs means that farmers no longer have to change their tyres for different applications – it is as comfortable operating out on the open road as it is in the field.”

The R14 builds on the existing Goodyear Farm Tires’ Optitrac R-1 agricultural tread which provides outstanding traction and clean-out, resulting in a longer-life tyre.

Features of the R-4 all-purpose industrial tyre designs – including strong durability, wear and hard surface performance – are also key components of the design of the R14, which also includes a high lug-to-void ratio, making it perfect for turf and hard surface applications.

A distinctive centreline also delivers exceptional stability and road performance.

Lindsay added: “The key focus with the R14 has been to create a product which provides the most versatile solution possible for farmers across Europe.

“Whether the terrain is a hard, concrete surface or a soft soil and whatever the weather conditions – even if it is snowing – the R14 will provide excellent all-round performance.”

The R14 is available from Goodyear Farm Tires’ strong network of distributors across Europe.