Future Grass Technology Ltd has been granted the exclusive worldwide rights for the use of the extremely popular and well-proven PZ drum mower in a zero-grazing machine. Following this agreement, with immediate effect all Grass Tech Grazers will now incorporate a PZ mower unit, adapted in conjunction with Kuhn specifically for use with the Grazer.

The new Grazer with PZ mower will be launched at this year’s National Ploughing Match in Ireland.

There can be few farmers or contractors who have not used a PZ drum mower at some stage over the 42 years that it has been manufactured. Designed for and ideally suited to the heavy grass crops found in the UK and Ireland, the PZ mower is renowned for its high quality built and reliability, even in the most testing conditions.

The new Grass Tech Grazer with PZ mower range consists of four models, all of which feature the 2.20m-wide PZ220 mower. The mower unit comprises two drums, each fitted with eight quick-change blades that leave an exceptionally clean and even cut for faster regrowth. The pan is specifically shaped and designed to lift and throw even the heaviest of grass cleanly to the back of the grass elevator, so avoiding any damage to the remaining stubble.

On the three larger GT 120, 140 and 160 models, the mowing width therefore remains the same. However, previously only available with a 1.85m-wide mower, the smallest GT80 has had to be redesigned in order to also now benefit from the wider 2.1m PZ mower. As part of the redesign, the GT80 now utilises the same chassis as the larger GT 120 and 140 models, giving it added strength and greater stability.

In extensive pre-production testing, the Grazer with PZ mower has proved exceptionally reliable and resulted in a far higher cut quality.

From the PZ mower unit, the crop is gently lifted into the main body of the zero grazer by a non-chopping crop elevator, which revolves at just 70rpm so as to not damage the grass. The trailer is filled and emptied using a variable speed hydraulically powered bed conveyor. The specification includes centralised greasing, full load sensor and rear-view camera.

All models are available with the option of a rear-mounted feed out conveyor, which can be used for quick and accurate feeding into troughs or against feed barriers.

To keep ground compaction to a minimum a wide range of different tyre widths are available on request.

The Grass Tech Grazer is designed to be a simple but robust, cost effective machine that does not require a high-powered tractor; even the largest GT160 model only requires 130hp and the smallest GT80 just 75hp. To further reduce weight and for mechanical simplicity, all the hydraulic services are powered from the tractor, not by a separate pump, so saving about 400kg of unnecessary weight.