OPICO will introduce a new version of its HE-VA Combi-Disc cultivator at the Highland Show.

Designed specifically for those running mid-sized tractors, the new model has a 2.45m working width and four deep soil-loosening legs – rather than the five employed on 2.75m versions. These changes put the horsepower requirement for the smallest Combi-Disc at just 155hp, making this versatile one-pass tillage tool much more accessible to a wider range of growers.

The Combi-Disc employs two leading rows of soil-loosening legs followed by two rows of serrated sabre discs to provide a surface chopping and mixing effect. This is all followed up with V-profile roller to produce a corrugated, weather-proof finish.

It’s this combination of soil-engaging elements that makes the Combi-Disc such an adaptable tool. In normal circumstances the tines, discs and press are used in partnership to turn previously uncultivated ground into a seedbed in one pass. When conditions require it, the discs can be lifted completely out of work, enabling the unit to be used as a straightforward subsoil loosener/pan-buster.

Likewise, with the legs lifted out of contention, the machine can be put to work as a straightforward shallow disc cultivator.

The recent addition of new ‘Stealth’ soil-loosening legs adds further to the Combi-Disc’s versatility, making it a true low disturbance subsoiler with the added ability of providing some surface tilth creation at the same time.

If it’s lift capacity that is the tractor’s limiting factor rather than power, there is also the option to specify the Combi-Disc with a cage roller rather than the standard V-profile ring-press. This brings the 2.45m wide unit’s weight down from 3000kg to 3300kg, thus making it suitable for a wider range of tractors.

“With more and more growers looking towards less intensive cultivations practices yet recognising the requirement for remedial sub-surface work when the need arises, demand for the Combi-Disc is on the up,” explains OPICO’s HE-VA product manager Glenn Bootman.

“But until now power requirement has been the limiting factor for those operating smaller tractors. With this smaller four-leg version anyone running a mid-sized machine can pull it making full use of the tines, discs and press.”

While this new model answers the needs of growers with less horsepower, it’s narrower 2.5m transport width makes it suitable for those regions where narrow lanes and tight gateways are an issue.

It completes the HE-VA Combi-Disc line-up with working widths now ranging from 2.45m to 5.25m in both mounted and trailed formats.