HE-VA cast steel 620mm roller rings, with 10 spokes, were the strongest and most robust in trials carried out by Swedish machinery magazine, NielehnTeknik.

The research looked at roller rings from three different agricultural machinery manufacturers, including HE-VA. The strength of the rings was put to the test by mounting them in an axis under a guillotine, where a heavy block was plunged down onto the ring from a height of 70 and 90cms, with 96 and 156 tons of weight respectively.

The HE-VA cast steel roller ring was impressively still intact even after the weight was released 150 times in the first test, with similar products lasting only seven strikes.

Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO manging director said, ‘These results highlight the heavier and more robust new generation of HE-VA NG rings that have been standard on all new sets of rolls throughout 2018, from the entry level VIP rollers through to the 20.3m King Rolls. I am impressed, but not surprised, by how well the rings performed as they have been designed to be robust enough to cope with the demands of traditional and min-till cultivations across a range of soil types.’

The new NG multi-spoke rings are the same weight or heavier than the previous designs fitted on HE-VA rolls (dependent on model). Cambridge only and Cambridge and Breaker styles are available in the new design in three sizes:

  • HD – 500mm & 510mm (20”) 8 Spoke rings
  • HD Plus – 550mm & 560mm (22”) 9 Spoke rings
  • XHD – 600mm & 620mm (24”) 10 Spoke rings

The NG Rings have a three year warranty, testament to HE-VA’s confidence in the product.