HELLA, the internationally positioned automotive supplier, is launching a new work lamp series for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forklifts, trucks, trailers and municipal vehicles, which complements the existing Modul 70, Modul 90 and Power Beam work lamp families. 

The S-series work lamps provide homogeneous illumination with a colour temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin, which is similar to daylight. Compared to halogen devices, the S- series scores points for its high efficiency thanks to its excellent lumen-watt performance. It continuously fulfils the highest EMC requirements. There is another advantage: vehicle manufacturers can use the product to give their vehicles a unique appearance, because the company’s logo can be integrated into the reflector if desired.

The work lamp is available round and square and as surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. Thanks to the universal and slim design, vehicle manufacturers can easily and quickly convert their existing halogen headlamps to LED technology. The work lamp is produced in Austria according to the latest technological standards and the housing and the lens are made of special plastics, which reduces the weight and provides a high level of corrosion resistance. The new cooling fin design is not only modern, but also ensures optimum heat dissipation, which increases the efficiency and lifetime of the work lamps. The integrated thermal management also helps to further increase the work lamp’s lifetime. The work lamps produce their full light output at an ambient temperature between -40°C and +50°C. If there is a risk of overheating, the work lamp automatically dims.

The S-series work lamps are available in close-range and long-range illumination. Versions of 1,000 lumens will be launched in early summer, followed by 2,000 lumen products in autumn. A 4,000 lumen version of the Modul 90 S-series will also be available at the end of the year. Further model and illumination variants are already in development.