The Kubota BF3500 high capacity fixed chamber baler has been developed for use in heavy silage conditions. It gets an 18-roller bale chamber, with two rollers located in the base of the chamber to give additional support with heavy, wet silage bales.

A new 2.3m wide pick-up, designated XL+ has also been introduced and incorporates an extensive series of upgrades. An extra tine has been added on either side, increasing the working width by 10cm; a new five-bar tine reel incorporates a cam track located at both ends, while each tine bar is supported on four bearings. Tine length has been increased by 10mm and the gap between the stripper plates has been reduced for improved performance in wet crops.

Capacity has been increased with the introduction of a new larger diameter intake rotor, along with a revised drop floor system. The drop floor package uses a rounded profile under the rotor and operates with a parallelogram action – extending clearance under the front and rear of the chamber, when lowered. Bales are tied using PowerBind net injection system, which accurately places the tail of net directly into the bale chamber, without relying on traditional feed rollers or using gravity. The BF3500 incorporates heavy-duty bale chamber rollers and driveline components. This includes a split driveline, with the bale chamber and feed rotor featuring 1¼” pitch drive chains. Chamber rollers all run on 50mm diameter bearings, with double-row roller bearings used on all main load points. Kubota’s BF3500 is also equipped with a 15-knife SuperCut pre-chopping system, plus automatic chain lubrication and auto-greasing.