A particular feature of Hi-Spec tankers is the option to be able to have a tanker purpose designed and built to meet the customer’s specific needs, and just such a tanker is based on a Hi-Spec 4000 TD-S tanker, which has a capacity of 4,000 gallons (18,184 litres). This comes as standard with a sprung drawbar and commercial 150×150 sprung parabolic tandem axles, complete with steering, which have been fitted with 710/50 R26.5 BKT tyres.

The specific specification for this tanker includes commercial air/hydraulic 420×180 brakes. To keep turnaround time to a minimum, the tanker has been fitted with a high capacity, hydraulically driven 14,000 litre Jurop pump and a side-mounted, hydraulically operated 8-inch autofill arm, complete with a turbo-fill system controlled from the cab. The tank, which is manufactured from 6-mm thick British steel, is fitted with anti-implosion rings and internal baffles.

For spreading, the customer has opted for a Bomech 6.4 disc disc injector for injecting into grassland. The injector is carried on a four-point linkage and over its 6.4m working width there are 32 outlets, supplied via a Vogelsang Exacut distributor with stonetrap. All hydraulic functions are operated via electro-hydraulic controls and the tanker has also been fitted with a Krohne flowmeter and a Tanlake DD slurry monitor for complete application rate monitoring and recording.

As a finishing touch, in order to match the customer’s tractor the tanker has been painted in John Deere green, complete with yellow wheel rims.

Largest Kompactor push-off trailer

Also on display will be a K40 Kompactor Push-Off trailer, the largest in the Kompactor range. The Kompactor features a hydraulically operated headboard powered by a triple hydraulic ram system, that can be used to compact material such as woodchip and grass or maize silage, so increasing the load carried by up to 40%.

The headboard can also completely empty the trailer in as little as 30 seconds. Because the load is pushed off and so avoids the need to tip the trailer body, the Kompactor is ideal for use in areas that conventional tipping trailers cannot access.

By using a push-off mechanism and due to its low centre of gravity, all the inherent risks posed by using a tipping trailer are avoided, such as striking overhead power lines or trailer instability when tipping on soft and uneven ground.

V12 Vertical Auger feeder

Completing the display will be a V12 vertical auger feeder. The Hi-Spec Vertical Auger range of feeders is available in both single and twin auger variants with sizes from 7m3up to 32m3. The Vertical Auger range uses a low pitch mixing and chopping auger that creates a simple cycle action and is fitted with eight self-sharpening knives. A specific feature is its ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate complete bales into the mix, due to the unique knife arrangement, which also allows the Vertical Auger mixer to be used with lower horsepower tractors.

The V12 model on display features two feed-out doors, one at the centre rear and the second is on the right-hand side and is fitted with a teaser feed-out system. The feeder is also specified with a fully programmable DG600 Dinamica Generale weighing system.