The universal HORSCH Avatar 12.25 SD has been equipped with some new equipment options, e.g. a new control concept. The intuitive handling concept based on ISOBUS makes it easier for the farmer to adjust, operate and monitor his technology. Via the Touch Terminal the customer can adapt the terminal interface according to his likes and requirements. With the new hardware and software HORSCH creates a platform which can supply an almost unlimited number of components when metering. 

Due to the well-proven folding concept the transport dimensions are very compact. With an outside width of 3 metres, it is also ideal for road transport. There are various tyre versions for driving in the field – from 520 tyres to 900 tyres and twin tyres. 

The newly developed seed hopper platform has a capacity of 6500 litres and can be ordered as a double hopper. The total capacity is distributed according to the ratio 60:40. To increase the range even more especially for rape seed, a MiniDrill G&F is available as an option. This additional hopper has a capacity of 400 litres and is often used for seed, e.g. rape or other fine seeds, as well for granulates or slug pellets. Thus, filling stops can be reduced and, if required, up to 3 components can be metered at the same time. 

The seed wagon concept guarantees a maximum time frame for sowing. Due to the large tyre widths and the different types of tyres the pressure on the soil even in wet soil conditions is minimised and allows for working without damaging the soil. The double support wheels at the wings guarantee low tracks and an optimum adaption to the soil. With its 1-row design with SingleDisc coulters and a row spacing of 25 cm the Avatar 12.25 SD is ideal for mechanical population control, but also for the most different sowing methods, e.g. direct seed, mulch seed, into standing catch crops etc. 

Additional optional equipment like for example the LED headlight system WorkLight Pro allows for driving at night. This is particularly advantageous for large farms as the visibility of the seed coulters and the machine is optimum even in the dark. 

Similar to all HORSCH Avatar models, the HM skid as well as the newly developed HM Plus skid guarantee enormous stability and a special longevity of the seed coulter.