HORSCH has developed ‘tilted’ sprayer nozzles caps for use in band application and improved wetting in ridge crops. Two variants are offered: a grey nozzle with 17.5 degree angle for a 10cm tilt and a red nozzle with 8.75 degree angle for a 5cm tilt.

Using a combination of straight and tilted nozzle caps offers a broad range of row width configurations. Each nozzle cap is equipped with an Agrotop RowFan 40-02 E nozzle including seal and nozzle inserter. The tilted caps are available for the spring spraying season.

Band spraying

In band spraying application with a 25cm nozzle spacing, the tilted nozzles allow the row width to be adapted by 5cm (red nozzles) or 10cm (grey nozzles). For example, in sugar beet, a row spacing of 45cm is possible.

Ridge spraying

Another interesting advantage of these nozzle caps is that the combination of main nozzle (HD) and secondary nozzle (ND) with a nozzle spacing of 25 cm, allows for a highly effective wetting of ridge crops.