The Leeb 4 AX marks a new entry point to the HORSCH range of trailed sprayers. Positioned just below the 4000 litre Leeb 4 LT, the 3800 litre Leeb 4 AX comes equipped with HORSCH’s BoomControl Eco system and can be specified with up to 30m booms and 50cm nozzle spacing. This smaller yet high performance and reliable sprayer uses the company’s renowned sprayer technology and is ideal for farms that do not require the larger capacities of the Leeb LT and Leeb GS.

The 3800-litre plastic spraying tank is complemented by a 400 litre fresh water tank and is designed for easy cleaning. A PTO-driven piston diaphragm pump is available with an output of either 270 l/min or 400 l/min. Two multi-way valves control the suction and the pressure sides of the machine respectively and offer clear and simple control. The 35-litre induction tank of the Leeb AX is similar to the one used in the larger trailed Leeb models and enables powders and granules to dissolve quickly and thoroughly.

BoomControl Eco enables the new Leeb AX to maintain a 50cm distance to the crop at operational speeds of up to 15kph. The working boom widths range from 18 to 30 metres, divided in five to nine sections and feature 50cm nozzle spacing as standard.

The drawbar can either be equipped with an upper or a lower linkage. An optional drawbar steering system that automatically follows the tractor tracks is available. Wheel track widths can be easily adjusted from 1.5m to 2.25m, and the Leeb 4 AX is fully ISOBUS compatible and can be used with the well-known HORSCH terminals.