The development of new products designed to increase efficiency and reduce operating cost has continued unabated, with new products launched throughout the CLAAS Green Harvest product range.

Working through the harvesting chain, starting with mowers, two new additions at the bottom end of the CLAAS range have been the DISCO 100 and 10 series mowers, with working widths from 2.2m up to 3.4m. All are fitted with the MAXCUT mower bed and feature a centre-of-gravity hitching system giving uniform contact pressure across the full working width. At the other end of the mounted mower range is the DISCO 4400 CONTOUR. This has a working width of 4.2m, features central pivoting, ACTIVE FLOAT suspension and a unique 120 degree vector folding system that keeps transport height below 4.0m.

A new generation of LINER 2- and 4-rotor range of rakes was also introduced last year. The new 4-rotor LINER 4700 TREND, 4800 BUSINESS and 4900 BUSINESS have maximum working widths of 12.7, 13.6 and 15.0 metres respectively and feature a redesigned, high strength main frame, a 3-stage telescopic arm system with direct PTO drive to the rotors and ‘Jet Effect’ lowering.

The LINER 2-rotor range has also been completely redeveloped, with seven new models, including two BUSINESS models with programmable ACTIVE FLOAT suspension. All models feature the ‘Grass Care’ rotor guidance system and new ‘Jet Effect’ lowering.

The QUADRANT baler range see’s the addition of the new 5000 and 4200 EVOLUTION models. Technical upgrades to the balers are designed to increase output and durability and have resulted in a 40% reduction in wear rates. The new mechanically driven HD pick-up has an extra row of tines for increased output and raking quality, while the capacity of the feed system has also been increased to handle the higher throughput. The chamber has been redesigned and strengthened resulting in an improved bale shape and greater density.

Turning to the JAGUAR forage harvester, in addition to a move to Stage V engine power with resulting increases in power and torque, there is also a new top-of-the-range model – the 925hp JAGUAR 990. The best-selling JAGUAR 970 has also made the move to a 790hp, 16-litre straight-6 engine with a displacement of almost 3 litres per cylinder. Maximum torque is 3,400Nm, which is held from 1600 to 1350rpm allowing the 970 to power through tough conditions.

In addition to the all-mechanical and variable drive options for the front attachment, there is also now the option of a twin hydraulic drive. With this, the speed of the intake auger can be adjusted relative to the chop length, but a new hydraulic drive allows the speed of the pick-up reel to be varied independently relative to the forward speed. Other updates on the JAGUAR 900 range include a second optional silage additive dosing pump that enables additive to be applied at rates in excess of 2 l/tonne. An app has also been developed that enables the operator to calculate the appropriate rate on the basis of crop, yield, working speed and additive being applied.

For ensiling the crop, in addition to the new 222hp TORION 1913 and 249hp 2014 flagship models, there is the mid-range TORION 1511P. Weighing 14,100kg and powered by a 228hp DPS engine with maximum torque of 900Nm at 1600rpm, this results in an attractive power-to-weight ratio of just 62kg/hp, making it ideal for clamp work. The maximum flow rate of the load-sensing hydraulic system is 228 l/min and with the option of P- or Z- kinematics, the articulated tipping load capacity is 9,300kg.