A high-tech system for easing the workload of operators using Landini Rex 4 orchard, top fruit and vineyard tractors received a coveted Technical Innovation Award 2018 at the EIMA international machinery show in Italy.

Developed by engineers at Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors, the Advanced Driving System comprises several new technologies that combine to make the operator’s life simpler and less tiring, while also providing detailed monitoring and recording of the tractor’s activities to help manage lifetime ownership costs.

“At Argo Tractors, we believe that this award further validates our continued research efforts aimed at improving comfort, safety and performance, which are at the core of our corporate mission,” says Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director.

“Speciality tractors such as the Rex 4 Series require a great deal of effort on the part of the operator, who needs to control both the vehicle and implements. But the technologies of the Advanced Driving System allow the operator to focus more on the tractor’s work rather than on driving it.”

The Landini Rex 4 is an all-new range of tractors with six power outputs from 70-112hp and a choice of width and wheelbase configurations to suit differing orchard, top-fruit and vineyard situations.

New transmission options, a flat-floor cabin with Category 4 ventilation to protect the operator from noxious substances and a front axle suspension option for the first time broaden the appeal of the range, which is one of the UK’s most popular orchard tractor designs.

The cutting-edge mechatronic technologies of the award-winning Advanced Driving System assist operators in manoeuvring the tractor during both field and road operation.

They include steering control that automatically returns the front wheels to the central position after a headland turn and stiffens the steering progressively with increased speed when travelling on the road to reduce sensitivity at the steering wheel.

Connection to satellite guidance, control of front wheel position and settings memory, is available when working on sloping land and ploughing in-furrow to offset the effects of external stresses on steering accuracy.

In addition, the tractor driver can manage implement operation from a single terminal as the monitor configuration automatically changes according to the functions used, and a multi-function “all-in-one” joystick controlling up to seven electro-hydraulic spool valves helps the operator achieve optimal efficiency in field operations.

With Landini Fleet Management, an online monitoring and documentation facility, the Rex 4 with Advanced Driving System benefits from a daily working hours log, registers for field work and servicing, and real-time remote diagnosis.

“All of which can be conveniently managed from the tractor fleet manager’s desk,” notes Antonio Salvaterra, who adds that introducing such technology brings many advantages.

“For one thing, the operator is free to concentrate on implement functions, while the tractor ECU takes care of driving, recording hours of operation, fuel consumption and service requirements, which is a World premiere in speciality tractors.”

Additional advantages benefit the fleet manager, who has more information than usual to manage scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting, and to maintain a record of a tractor’s workload, efficiency and service history.