John Deere has announced that as of 1 November 2018, the company’s Fuel Guarantee Programme will apply to field as well as road work. Owners of John Deere 6R, 7R and 8R Series six-cylinder tractors will be eligible to take part in the extended programme, which rewards customers financially for fuel-efficient driving.

The Fuel Guarantee Programme was first introduced for the 7310R tractor two years ago. John Deere has since been able to prove the efficiency of the complete six-cylinder tractor range from the 6R to the 8R Series on the road. Based on this successful model, the company has now decided to expand the programme for field applications as well.

Using the programme, participating customers and their supplying dealer record a tractor’s actual fuel consumption at the end of a one year operating period and compare this to the target fuel consumption. This value depends on the average engine load and varies from light to heavy loads, while every tractor model also has its own specific fuel target.

If the total fuel consumption has exceeded the John Deere target level, customers will be refunded by the company. If the tractor consumes less than the targeted amount, owners of more efficient machineswill still be rewarded, as they will be reimbursed twice the price per litre saved. The total value depends on the local fuel price.

The new Fuel Guarantee Programme applies to any eligible new tractor models ordered after 1 November 2018. As an extra benefit to customers, John Deere also offers an exclusive tractor optimisation programme.

Experience has shown that even fully trained drivers are able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. The optimisation programme is part of a FarmSight precision farming package which is mandatory for all Fuel Guarantee Programme users.

This includes the initial basic set-up of the John Deere Operations Centre on, seasonal telephone support and other useful options. After the dealer has qualified a machine for the Fuel Guarantee Programme, the customer has to provide his explicit agreement to data access via the online Consent Manager feature on

The newly extended Fuel Guarantee Programme is being introduced in all EU28+ countries.