John Deere’s new R975i sprayer is the biggest trailed model the company has ever produced. This 7500-litre machine will join the rest of the R900i Series line-up, with tank capacities of 4400, 5200 and 6200 litres, in 2022.

As with other sprayers in the range, this new model benefits from John Deere Precision Ag technologies, enabling customers to profit from additional smart solutions. The R975i is designed to meet customer requirements for larger tank volumes and wider booms, as well as higher accuracy, reduced chemical use and more comfort when filling and operating the sprayer.

The machine’s new larger volume will mean farmers and contractors can spend more time in the field spraying, and so increase productivity by covering larger areas with one tank. The proven PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system also helps to speed up filling times, improves spray application and increases accuracy.

For the first time on John Deere sprayers, the M900(i) and R900i Series models will offer 25cm nozzle spacing as an option. This is an ‘On Centre’ solution that means an additional nozzle is placed between each 50cm nozzle body on the spray boom. John Deere has also added a nozzle body plus an additional nozzle at each end of the boom to offer full coverage and eliminate underdosing at the boom ends.

All trailed sprayer ranges will also benefit from the options launched on the R700i Series for 2021. These include Individual Nozzle Control, which limits over- or underdosing to help preserve yields while saving input costs. Nozzle Control offers savings in crop protection products worth up to 6€/ha* on top of Section Control.

Another feature is the new Closed Transfer System, which is an ISO approved coupling. This prevents contact with and any spillages of crop protection products, to ensure filling the sprayer is safe for the environment as well as the operator.

On the M700(i) and R700i Series sprayers, an additional key feature for the German and Netherlands markets is a new 33m wide boom with 3m Section or Individual Nozzle Control options. This boom will complement small 3m grain drills as well as 75cm row crops, enabling fewer passes with one tankful and therefore also increasing productivity.