Kramp, a leading agricultural and industrial spare parts provider, and Kärcher, a global leader in cleaning technology, announced an exclusive distribution partnership to supply the UK agricultural market. This collaboration brings together the expertise and innovative capabilities of both companies to address the evolving needs of farmers.

Under this partnership, Kärcher and Kramp will combine their industry knowledge, resources, and technological advancements to provide cutting-edge cleaning equipment tailored specifically for agricultural applications. By leveraging their respective strengths, the two companies aim to deliver highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to British farmers. It is part of a broader European collaboration which has seen similar deals rolled out in Denmark and France.

The Kärcher range is designed to fit all farmers’ needs. Agricultural machinery must cope with large quantities of mud, dirt and dust. With Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, stubborn crusts, oil and grease deposits can be thoroughly removed, ensuring corrosion protection and prolonging the lifetime and performance of your assets. When it comes to rearing livestock, cleanliness and hygiene are what counts. For this reason, Kärcher cleaning and disinfecting processes are optimised for all animal housing during rearing or before the changeover. 

“We are excited to be able to stock the Kärcher range,” says Craig Marsh, assortment manager for Kramp UK. “They are the most recognised brand for industrial pressure washers and vacuum cleaners. The Kärcher team can offer excellent technical product support and on-site training for new customers. Combining this with Kramp’s reach with its dealer network and ability to deliver next-day delivery is a compelling offer for farmers. 

“Our customers have already enquired about when they can place their first orders. This is inspiring for our team, who are excited to add Kärcher’s products to the Kramp range,” adds Craig.