Kubota (UK) Ltd has introduced a narrow version of its 106hp M5-102 tractor, aimed at those working in specialist fruit, vineyard, vegetable and solar park applications.

This latest model is called the M5-102N, and it brings several upgrades over its predecessor, the M5001N. These include a revised cab complete with Category 4 filtration; front axle suspension and front PTO; hydraulically adjustable rear linkage stabilisers and lift rods; and reduced cost of ownership through improved DPF and emissions control efficiency.

Power comes from Kubota’s V3800 engine. A 3.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel, the V3800 delivers 346Nm of torque and 106hp, and is equipped with an EU Stage V compliant emissions package that uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Importantly, the emissions control module is neatly packaged under the bonnet, avoiding the need for external mounting of components such as the DEF tank and SCR cannister, which could impact on the operator’s view from the cab. And with a diesel filler at the rear of the tractor and a DEF filler under the bonnet, it is almost impossible to mistake the fill points.

“Packaging is very important on a tractor that is governed by its physical size,” explains Jonathan Rook, Kubota’s UK product manager for M-series tractors. “And this narrow model does not disappoint. Yet on its narrowest wheel and tyre combination, the M5-102N can be slimmed down to just 1.2m wide to suit row-specific tasks.”

Latest emissions control technology sees the M5N able to perform a diesel particulate filter (DPF) regen at much lower RPM and using much lower temperatures compared to the previous M5N. Requiring only 1,100rpm to complete, considerable fuel savings are available compared to the previous model’s 2,000rpm regen. A DPF service is not required until 6,000 hours, and engine oil changes are every 500 hours.

Power is channelled through a 36×36 transmission that uses six speeds in three ranges, with a two-speed power split available in each of the six manual speeds. Electronic shuttle control and a declutch button add to the functionality, and the tractor’s 40kph road speed is achieved at reduced rpm.

Up front, a portal front axle with bevel gear incorporates Kubota’s switchable Bi-Speed turn, which increases the front wheel speed once the steering angle exceeds 35-degrees. When engaged, Bi-Speed turn tightens the turning circle by pulling the nose of the tractor in the direction of steering. The front axle can be equipped with an optional suspension system which provides 95mm of travel that is damped by accumulators, and for the first time on this model, a factory-fitted front linkage and PTO is also available.

M5-102N operators get a cab that provides an almost flat floor design, making the most of internal space and comfort, and also appealing to the tallest of operators. An uprated air-suspension seat is also part of the standard specification.

“Good packaging and practical use of space has made this one of the most generous operator environments on the market for this size of tractor, without needing to make the cab taller,” says Jonathan Rook. “A huge amount of detail has gone into producing this new model, and with almost every mechanical component made in Japan by Kubota, we’re expecting the same legendary reliability as other models in the Kubota range.”

The dashboard combines an LCD panel with traditional gauges, and thanks to electronic engine control, operators can set two engine speed memories. With electronic engine speed monitoring and control, power demanding tasks can be better maintained without excessive fluctuations in engine speed.

Air conditioning is fitted as standard, while those who prefer fresh air can choose to open either of the two curved rear corner windows. Both front indicator assemblies are on spring loaded brackets, allowing them to be twisted inwards, 90-degrees, for added protection.

The tractor is now equipped with a stationary PTO function, and LED lighting, and when it comes to hydraulic services, buyers have the choice of manual or electronic spools and the option of ISOBUS implement control through Kubota’s 7in or 12in K-Monitors.

“Up to five mechanical spools can be fitted, with individual flow control easily reached inside the cab thanks to a 68.3 litre fixed displacement pump,” says Jonathan.

“In addition, the availability of a mid-mount spool valve kit makes it easy to operate front-mounted equipment,” he says. “The Cat II rear linkage offers a 2.3 tonne lift capacity, and electronic lift control for ease of set-up, and the tractor can also be equipped with hydraulic rear linkage stabilisers and hydraulically adjustable lift rods.”

Kubota’s M5-102N is priced from £58,868 and a range of Kubota Care warranty packages are available, offering up to five years and 5,000 hours of cover.