LAMMA 2023 saw Kubota (UK) Ltd introduce a new range of auto-steer options for its M-series tractors following an agreement to partner with Topcon Positioning Systems throughout Europe.

Topcon distributors LH Agro and Topcon Ireland will supply the auto-steering solutions through the Kubota dealer network, along with providing warranty, service and support of the auto-steer kits. Installation will be through Kubota dealers, and will also include access to the complete Topcon portfolio.

“This agreement provides Kubota customers with an extensive suite of guidance options for M-series tractors, available directly through the Kubota dealer network,” explains Henry Myatt, Kubota’s product manager for M-series tractors. “There are a variety of kits available to suit the steer-ready M7 Premium models, and non-steer ready tractors in the M-series.”

Auto steer kits include Topcon’s AGS-2 receiver, and where required, Topcon’s AES-35 motorised steering wheel to replace the tractor steering wheel. In addition, customers can choose from a range of guidance screens including the 21.3cm X25, 31cm X35, 17.8cm XD and 30.7cm XD+ terminals. Depending on the chosen kit, customers can also customise the task control options available, or choose from pre-configured bundles.

“This agreement also provides a great solution for the M6002 series, where customers are looking for greater sophistication and increased efficiency with field work,” he adds. “With these Topcon auto-steer options, we can provide solutions for all M-series tractors from the 66hp M4-063 through to the 170hp M7-173 KVT Premium.”

Correction signal can be RTK and PPP (Precise Point Positioning), with the latter offering less accuracy than RTK but providing improved pass-to-pass accuracy than EGNOS, for example.

Supplied with a 24-month warranty, kits are priced from £6,500 for a Topcon XD auto-steer solution to suit an M7 tractor. Topcon auto-steer can be seen installed to M6 and M7 tractors on stand 330, in hall 12.

It may be recalled that Kubota Corporation, Topcon Corporation and Topcon Positioning Systems Inc, entered into a collaborative research agreement during 2021, to work together to innovate for future commercialisation through mutual research in the field of smart agriculture.

The companies, each having its own technical knowledge, are working collaboratively to move forward with research and development in smart agriculture. This includes the collection of agronomic data using various sensor technology; research on crop cultivation solutions utilising big data; fleet management and automation technology.