Kubota (UK) Ltd has taken the covers off a cost-sensitive, five-model M6-001 Utility series tractor range. As the successor to the MGX models, the M6-001 Utility series spans 104-143hp, and meets EU Stage V emissions thanks to an improved exhaust after-treatment package that contributes to a lower cost of ownership.

Short wheelbase models include the M6-101U and M6-111U, and both use a 3.8-litre Kubota V3800 four cylinder engine. Maximum power outputs are 104hp and 111hp, with maximum torque figures of 346Nm and 379Nm respectively. These two models weigh 4.3 tonnes, and use a 2.54m wheelbase.

Long wheelbase M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U use Kubota’s 6.1-litre V6108 four cylinder engine. Power outputs are 123hp, 133hp and 143hp, with maximum torque figures of 503Nm, 544Nm and 586Nm respectively. These three larger models weigh 4.8 tonnes, and use a 2.68m wheelbase.

Engine technology on all models has seen an improvement in exhaust after-treatment, with DOC and DPF performance increased to deliver greater operational flexibility and lower cost of ownership. DPF regeneration can now be achieved at a much lower engine speed – typically 1,200rpm down from 2,000rpm – and using a much lower working temperature of just 50 degrees C. The latter makes regeneration much easier to achieve with light engine loads, lower noise levels and a reduced fuel burn.

The DPF cleaning interval for M6-001 Utility range is 8,000 hours for the 6.1 litre engine, and up to 6000 hours for the 3.8 litre engine, again contributing to lower operating costs. Engine oil change intervals are every 500 hours on all models.

All M6-001 Utility models get a 40kph semi-powershift transmission, which uses eight powershifts in three mechanical ranges to provide a 24×24 gearbox. The option of a creeper range increases the choice of ratios to 32×32. Transmission functionality includes auto-shifting in each range, and a sensitivity dial – the latter allows operators to adjust the responsiveness of gear changes to suit load on the tractor.

Operator comfort is provided by an air suspension seat in the same cab frame shared wth M6-002 and M7003 models, while front axle suspension is available as an option. A wide sunroof offers generous visibility for those looking to equip the M6-001 Utility with a loader, of which there are two variants – 3.7m or 4m lift height to the pin, and maximum lift capacities of 1,950kg or 2,200kg respectively.

A fixed displacement open centre hydraulic system provides 71 and 77 litres/min of oil flow respectively for short- and long-wheelbase models, while two mechanically operated spool valves are fitted as standard. Two additional spools are optional.

Cat III rear linkage includes electronic linkage control with a five-tonne lift capacity on short wheelbase models and 6.1 tonnes on long wheelbase tractors. PTO equipment comprises a two-speed 540/1000 as standard, with a 540 Eco available as an option. All models can be equipped with an optional front linkage with 2.6 tonnes lift capacity, an optional 1,000rpm front pto, and the capability to run pto-powered equipment while stationary.

M6-001 Utility models also benefit from Kubota’s portal front axle with bevel gear drive, offering generous ground clearance and a 55-degree steering angle.

Kubota’s M6-001 Utility series is priced from £53,300 for the 104hp M6-101U, with the M6-141U costing £75,200. A range of Kubota Care warranty packages are available, offering up to five years and 5,000 hours of cover.