Kuhn Farm Machinery has added a new set of long-life blades to its range of Optidisc mower and mower conditioner cutting blades. 

The new “Triple 5” blades are 5mm thick and have a 55mm cutting width, as opposed to the standard Kuhn blades which are 4mm thick and have a 46mm cutting width.

The new blades also feature a double-bevelled edge on the underside to facilitate self-sharpening, and are compatible with all bolt attachment or Fast-Fit versions of Kuhn‘s Optidisc cutter bars manufactured since the end of 2011.

Tests carried out around the world have shown that the new Triple 5 blades last up to 4 or 5 times longer than standard knives due to their excellent anti-abrasive quality and high resistance to deformation. 

Upgrading to the new blades enables operators to maximise mowing capacity during favourable weather windows as stoppages for maintenance or blade replacement are reduced.  The new blades also produce a cleaner cut thanks to their self-sharpening design.

Triple 5 blades are available in packs of 20 at a recommended retail price of £2.49 each (standard blades are available in packs of 24 at £1.02 RRP).