Kverneland is celebrating 50 years of the reversible plough point. Launched in 1971, this development replaced the one-piece plough share to withstand more powerful tractors and higher working speeds, which could wear down parts faster than ever before.

Moving to a separate share and a reversible point enabled farmers to get much more wear from their Kverneland plough parts. It gave each component its own lifecycle, but more importantly it allowed customers to wear down both sides of the point.

It has been such a successful design, that the reversible point remains the most sold original Kverneland plough part, of all time.

This innovation was revised in the early 1980’s, to further improve its durability. At that time, the entire point was subjected to a heat-treatment process. While this extended its life cycle, the single-stage process limited the overall hardness of the steel point, to prevent it cracking around the bolt holes.

With the introduction of zone hardening techniques in the 1980’s, the Kverneland plough factory could further increase the hardness around the edges of the plough point to 57 Rockwell, while keeping a softer area around the bolt holes to prevent cracking.

Since its introduction, the reversible point has been accompanied by the flush-fit point (1985), the quick-fit point (2002), the knock-on point (2013) and the XHD carbide point (2020), all to provide different options for those who encountered with different soil types and to suit extreme conditions.










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