On display for the first time at LAMMA will be the unique new Hi-Spec PD20 Push-off Dump Trailer that uses the well proven push-off technology originally designed for the company’s larger Kompactor range of push-off trailers.

Unlike conventional tipping dump trailers, the PD20 Dump Trailer, which has a carrying capacity of around 20 tonnes, is offloaded using a hydraulically operated moving floor type headboard that cleanly and efficiently clears the load from the body once the up and over tailgate has been raised. The moving headboard is based on the same mechanism that was developed for the larger Kompactor push-off trailer range and has a push-off capacity of 28,000kg.

By avoiding the need for a hydraulic tipping ram and hinge points, the centre of gravity is lower than for a conventional dump trailer. This has the benefit that it enables the Dump Trailer to be safely used and offloaded on slopes or at an angle with less risk of the trailer tipping over, or in buildings and situations where there are height restrictions. Where necessary, it also makes it very easy to offload and spread a load while on the move. Once the trailer has been emptied and the tailgate closed, the operator can move off while the headboard is retracting, so avoiding the delay while a tipping trailer is lowered, and as a result turn around times are reduced.

K36 Kompactor push-off trailer

Also on display will be a K36 Kompactor Push-Off trailer. The Kompactor features a hydraulically operated headboard powered by a triple hydraulic ram system, that can be used to compact material such as woodchip and grass or maize silage, so increasing the load carried by up to 40%.

The headboard can also completely empty the trailer in as little as 30 seconds. Because the load is pushed off and so avoids the need to tip the trailer body, the Kompactor is ideal for use in areas that conventional tipping trailers cannot access.

By using a push-off mechanism and due to its low centre of gravity, all the inherent risks posed by using a tipping trailer are avoided, such as striking overhead power lines or trailer instability when tipping on soft and uneven ground.

Hi-Spec 3000 TS-R tanker

Also on display will be the latest addition to the Hi-Spec vacuum tanker range. The TS-R is available in a range of capacities from 2,000 up to 4,000 gallons. The tanker body is fully supported and is carried on a commercial tandem-axle, fitted with 710/50-R26.5 tyres with semi-recessed mudguards.

The combination of narrower width but lower rolling resistance tyres to keep soil compaction to a minimum and the semi-recessed mudguard design has the benefit that overall width and height are reduced, making the TS-R a more nimble tanker and ideal for use where operating space is restricted.

As standard, the Hi-Spec TS-R is fitted with a sprung drawbar with swivel hitch and the barrel is made from 6mm British steel and incorporates internal baffles and anti-implosion rings. Also standard is a powerful Jurop pump and the TS-R can be specified with a wide range of filling options.

The 3000 TS-R on display will be fitted with the 7.5 metre wide Hi-Spec Dribble Bar, which folds down to just 2.55 metres for transport, but spreading options also include the Hi-Spec Trailing Shoe applicator, which is available in working widths of 7.5, 9.0 and 10.5 metres.