Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrick (BvL) will be launching at LAMMA a new version of the well proven V-Mix mixer wagon specifically designed for use with Compact TMR, which is attracting considerable interest due to its milk yield benefits.

Compact TMR originated in Denmark and involves the soaking and pre-mixing of the dry components of the ration with water. This is then left to soak overnight after which the rest of the ration mix is then added.

The benefit of this is that it makes it impossible for the dry components of the forage to be separated out from the rest of the mix, either during the feeding out process or by the cow pre-sorting. As a result, every cow is fed a far more consistent ration, resulting in a yield improvement of up to 2.0 litres a cow, in addition to potential improvements in milk quality.

BvL will have on display at LAMMA a 36m3 triple axle V-Mix feeder designed specifically for Compact TMR. In place of the standard mixing auger, the Compact TMR augers fitted in the mixer are not as tall, but are wider and have extended mixing blades plus an additional auger blade for more intensive mixing. The mixing augers are made using a V2A rust-proof stainless-steel surfacing for durability.

Due to the need to leave the wet mix in the mixer overnight and the extended mixing time, to protect the mixer body this is also faced with V2A rustproof stainless-steel and the augers are fitted with a seal to avoid water ingress to the inside of the auger cone.

As with all other mixer wagons in the BvL V-Mix range a wide range of discharge door options are available, as is a discharge conveyor on all models. Doors can be fitted on both the left and right hand side of the feeder, which provides complete feeding flexibility and even allows the mix to be deposited on both sides simultaneously if required.

New App-based V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system

Accuracy and consistency are essential for optimum results from Compact TMR. To help achieve this, BvL has introduced a new App-based weighing and feed management system that will be fitted to the Compact TMR V-Mix at LAMMA.

The new App-based V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system is designed so that information on the ration mix can be quickly and easily accessed, if necessary on several mobile devices at the same time.

Depending on the level of access rights assigned to the user, it is possible to create and manage feeding groups, rations and feed components, with the updated information then synchronised with all other users.

When feeding, the ration information is also displayed via wi-fi or Bluetooth on the transceiver box on the diet feeder, which is linked to weigh cells and weighing computer, so the operator can clearly see the proportion of ration components required as they are loading.

As each component of the ration is added, the actual total loaded is immediately uploaded and recorded by the App within the original web area, and at the end of the mix an overall score for the level of accuracy is displayed. In addition, information such as the overall mixing time and rotor speed is also recorded so that a complete daily record can be stored and accessed for future refence if necessary.

Both Android and Apple IOS versions of the BvL V-DAIRY Feeder TMR App are available.