A new machine launched by feed preservation specialists, Kelvin Cave Ltd, is thought to be the largest roller mill on the UK and Irish market. The Murska 4000 rolls dry or moist grain at a rate of up to 100 tonnes/hour (for maize) or 80t/hr (for crimped, moist cereals). 

This high-volume throughput makes the Murska 4000 suitable for large-scale farming operators including contractors or animal feed blending plants.  

Its four pairs of meter-long rollers with their 2mm-fluted, hardened surface enable the machine to roll or crimp a wide range of grains and pulses. This ranges from completely dry cereals and maize to grains with moisture contents of up to 45%. 

High moisture grains or pulses requiring additives can be treated as the grain is processed, with preservatives such as Crimpsafe or Propcorn NC, if an applicator is fitted. Similarly, applicators can also add feed supplements such as minerals, at the time of processing. 

The Murska 4000’s robust belt conveyer gives the machine extended reach into grain stores, clamps of crimp, or lorries. Its modular design also means it can be expanded with an additional unit, should an even higher capacity be required. 

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the Murska 4000 joins an existing range of rollers and crimpers which cater for all sizes of operator. These range from the small farm which processes feed for its own livestock to large AD plants using crimp as feedstock. All models run from a tractor’s PTO or some smaller models have the option of a three-phase electric motor. 

“The Murska and Korte grain rolling and crimping machines are widely acknowledged as global market leaders,” says Michael Carpenter from Kelvin Cave Ltd. “Their ability to process all cereal grains and pulses at such a wide range of moisture contents sets the benchmark in the farming industry and meets our own exacting standards for engineering excellence.”