Rappa has launched two new products to complement its range of mobile sheep yards, both designed for fast sheep processing out in the field. Two years in development, the RaceWeigh module allows on-site weighing and three-way drafting, while the RaceGrip clamp makes short work of dagging, drenching and vaccinating sheep where they graze.

‘With the emphasis on fewer staff and more efficiency, farmers want to work on their flocks out in the field, rather than haul them back to the farm for weighing, dagging or other tasks,’ says James Ridley, Rappa managing director. ‘Not to mention it’s much less stressful on the stock.’

Both the RaceWeigh and RaceGrip modules are made with high performance aluminium, designed to work seamlessly with Rappa’s best-selling range of mobile sheep yards. Lightweight and strong, both modules can be carried in the mobile yard or in the back of the farmer’s vehicle. ‘We’re working to a one-tow philosophy,’ says Ridley. ‘Farmers should be able to carry everything they need in one hit, rather than have to take two vehicles or return to the farm for extra equipment.’

‘We’ve worked hard to come up with the most efficient and ergonomic design in both these products,’ emphasises Ridley. ‘We want farmers to be able to complete their work in record time, with less tiredness and stress.’

Starting at £1,995, the RaceWeigh provides three-way drafting for fast stock sorting, while its flared and railed gates, anti-jump bar and quiet operation encourage steady sheep flow with minimal stress on the animals. The ergonomic and modular design makes it easy for farmers to assemble, dismantle and operate.

The first modular race clamp on the market, the RaceGrip’s patented double-grip system requires no manual adjustment – the scissor-grip panels automatically adapt to any animal size, including lambs. Low ramps, quiet operation and smooth grip panels all encourage steady stress-free sheep flow. Prices start from £1,790.

Hampshire based Rappa, one of the UK’s leading animal handling equipment firms, recently celebrated 40 years of innovative product design and supply. Its range of lightweight sheep pens, launched in 2011, is now the UK’s best-selling mobile yard.

RaceWeigh features:

  • Flared drafting gates promote exit flow
  • Anti-jump bar prevents sheep injury and trapped hands when grading
  • EID stick holder for hands-free work
  • Rear operation to maintain sheep flow
  • Auto-lock drafting gate latches
  • Gate bearings for quiet and smooth operation
  • Railed gate design encourages consistent stock flow


  • Weigh Plate and Electronic Load Bar
  • Side Drafting Gate – Right
  • Side Drafting Gate – Left
  • Exit Gate
  • Entry Gate with Weigh Head Bracket
  • Anti-Jump Bar including EID Stick Holder

Optional extras:

  • Electronic Weigh Head
  • EID Stick Reader

RaceGrip features:

  • Scissor grip-panels automatically adjust to animal size
  • Low gradient entrance and exits promote sheep flow
  • Smooth and light grip restrains sheep without sudden movement or force
  • Hands-free operation – the grip mechanism locks automatically
  • Rear operation to maintain sheep flow
  • Stop gate allows unhindered access to the back of the animal
  • Shearing machine pole to hang your dagging equipment
  • Hand piece rest for shearing clippers when not in use